Gaming Mechanical Keyboards – How to Choose and Are They Really Worth It?

When it comes to choosing a gaming mechanical keyboard, there are many factors you should take into consideration, including cost, durability, and water and dust resistance. Ultimately, though, you should make an informed decision based on your specific needs.

There are many advantages to using mechanical keyboard. For starters, it allows you to easily customize your gaming environment. It also increases your typing speed. However, there are some downsides. You should consider your options before you decide to purchase one.

How to Choose the Best Gaming Mechanical Keyboards

First, you should consider the keyboard’s size. Generally, mechanical keyboards come in full-sized and compact models. The compact model is perfect for those who prefer to use a small keyboard.

Next, you should consider the switch type. If you don’t know what switch type you want, you can consider getting a hot-swap mechanical keyboard. These are great for people who aren’t sure whether they want to use mechanical or optical switches.

Another benefit to choosing a hot-swap keyboard is that it makes switching switches easy. Some of these keyboards have a programmable OLED screen. This feature lets you make changes on the fly.

If you want more customization, you can opt for a keyboard that has RGB lighting. Aside from making your keys more visible, RGB lighting will also help with visibility in the dark.

If you’re a first-person shooter fan, you may want to choose a keyboard with a dedicated Game Mode. Similarly, if you enjoy racing games, you can choose a model with a flexible design.

Linear switches

Choosing the right type of mechanical keyboard is critical if you want to enjoy your typing or gaming experience. A good way to find out is to test out different types of switches. One of the best ways to do this is with a cheap switch tester.

The most common type of mechanical switch is the linear one. Linear switches are smooth and offer a great feel. They also give a fast response. These types of switches can be configured to minimize noise and feedback.

Choosing the right switch is a bit like choosing the right starter Pokemon. Your choice is made up of several factors, such as the actuation force, the amount of resistance, the spring force, the distance, and the length. Luckily, there are a lot of options to choose from.

The best option may vary from user to user, but the best ones have several things in common. First and foremost, they provide a very enjoyable typing and gaming experience. Another important factor is the longevity.

Full RGB lighting

Gaming mechanical keyboards with full RGB lighting provide gamers with a wide range of customization features and advantages. These devices can help unite setups and create a cohesive aesthetic. You can also use these devices to enhance your gaming experience, particularly when playing in dimly lit rooms.

Some RGB mechanical keyboards offer unique features such as an LED lighting strip on the wrist rest, or the ability to adjust the volume of the keyboard’s lights. In addition to these features, RGB backlighting allows you to enjoy a palette of over 16 million colors.

There are several inexpensive RGB mechanical keyboards on the market, and while they don’t offer as much customization as more expensive models, they do have great RGB backlighting. If you’re interested in the latest RGB technologies, the Razer One 2 Mini or the Corsair K70 RGB Pro are two good options.

The Corsair K70 RGB Pro continues the company’s long tradition of producing excellent keyboards with a sleek design. It’s compatible with both Bluetooth and USB-C, and has a 4,000Hz polling rate.

Water- and dust-resistance

If you play games or edit documents on the go, you may want to consider purchasing a water-resistant or dust-resistant gaming mechanical keyboard. Using one of these keyboards will prevent spills from damaging your keyboard and will make it easier to clean up any liquids that do occur.

Water- and dust-resistant mechanical keyboards have special coatings and materials that keep out moisture and dust. They also feature removable keycaps, which allows users to easily clean them up.

Some waterproof and dust-resistant keyboards have water-drainage systems that can help to channel water away from the components of the keyboard. These keyboards can be cleaned by a damp cloth, and can also be dried using a dry cloth.

In addition to being water-resistant, some of the top rated gaming mechanical keyboards are also dust-resistant. They use specially designed circuit boards and are constructed from materials that are resistant to bacteria and fungi.

One of the best water-resistant and dust-resistant gaming mechanical keyboards is the Corsair K68. It features 100% Cherry MX Red keyswitches and dedicated multimedia controls. Also, it is packed with a variety of features, including an adjustable lighting system, media keys, and more.


Gaming mechanical keyboards are a popular choice for gamers. They offer more durability than traditional keyboards, allowing for more accurate and quicker responses. With proper care, these types of keyboards can last for several years.

If you prefer a mechanical keyboard, you can expect to pay a higher price. Some gaming keyboards will cost anywhere from 60 to $200. However, it’s important to note that they can last for up to 15 years.

The lifespan of a mechanical keyboard depends on your use pattern and the type of environment in which you use it. A good quality mechanical keyboard can last for about 10 years, while a cheap model might only last for a few months.

Many gaming companies update their keyboard lineups every two years. In addition, some manufacturers are able to replace individual switches. Another factor in the longevity of a mechanical keyboard is the materials it’s made from. Materials such as plastic, rubber, and metal can wear down over time.

Conclusion Remarks

Mechanical keyboards are more versatile. Whether you use them for gaming, office work, or any other purpose, you can easily customize them. You can choose between a variety of options such as different actuation, feedback, and more.

Finally, you should consider the keycap quality. Logitech makes top-notch mechanical keyboards. They’re designed for high-level gamers, so they prioritize features like a durable build and a wired connection.