Grow into Germany, the most robust economy in Europe

Germany is among the top attractive European countries for corporate growth, with one of the highest GDPs globally. The country’s thriving industries include automobiles, engineering, healthcare, and services. However, the country’s strict international labor regulations may discourage businesses from establishing themselves in Germany. The labor regulations are renowned for their robust worker protections, such as six weeks of paid sick leave, 20 days of yearly vacation, limitations on working on Sundays and holidays, written employment agreements, a maximum of 48 hours of work per week, paid maternity leave, and strict laws governing employment termination to avoid wrongful dismissal.

Moreover, since 2017, businesses employing people in Germany must acquire an AUG or temporary license. The vague and ambiguous nature of these licensing requirements increases the risk of non-compliance, particularly for emerging companies. Consequently, entering Europe’s largest economy has become increasingly challenging. In this situation, our professional PEO services can provide assistance.

Finding a partner for recruitment and PEO

Expanding into a new country can be a difficult and time-consuming process. We can help you grow your business in Germany without the need for setting up a formal corporation by becoming your Professional Employer Organization partner. This allows you to focus on expanding your business, while we ensure compliance with German labor laws.

PEO Germany

German employment law is strict and complex, requiring meticulous attention to detail. Handling employee contracts, payroll, taxes, benefits, insurances, and visa applications can make entering the German market more difficult and costly than anticipated. INS Global can take care of all of this by managing your foreign personnel’s employment, enabling you to enter the German market seamlessly and in compliance without setting up a formal business.

Outsourcing German Payroll

Our global payroll services use the latest technology to ensure that your workers are paid accurately and on time, freeing you from the burden and worry. Whether you need to pay a single individual or an entire staff, we can tailor payroll solutions to meet your specific needs.

Recruitment solutions in Germany

Hiring new employees can be challenging for any company, even under the best of circumstances. Understanding Germany’s legal requirements for signed employment contracts, working hours, holiday entitlements, and strict sick and maternity leave policies can be especially difficult. Our recruitment specialists can assist you in finding the best candidates in Germany using our personalized, comprehensive recruitment process.

Why Choose INS Global as Your PEO and Recruitment Partner?

Managing an international workforce and expanding internationally can be challenging for any business. However, INS Global has extensive experience navigating the stringent AUG license requirements and understanding Germany’s tight labor regulations, making international expansion easier. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, our team of PEO and recruitment professionals are fully qualified, knowledgeable about German employment regulations, and ready to help you grow your business.