Hosting a Virtual Event in Perth? Here Are 3 Ways SEO Can Boost Attendance

When it comes to virtual events, you must have a quality promotion. This is key when reaching out to your target audience. Among several ways to fulfill this goal, search engine optimization or SEO is the best tool for interaction with search engines like Google.

Seo agency perth improves a website making it more visible in search engine results. It considers numerous factors to determine whether or not a website is relevant to a searcher.

How much does SEO cost in Perth?

On average, expect to spend $750 to $2000 per month for your SEO in Perth. The hourly SEO rate is $125 to $250. Expect to pay more for this service if there is stiff competition in your industry.

  • Prioritize quality

SEO practices are different from yesteryears because nowadays, the focus is the quality of content. Information that is meaningful, unique, and engaging will make your website look trustworthy to search engine algorithms.

When considering content regarding your event, it is crucial to cover topics that directly promote it. In this case, you will gather links for your event page while loading your blog with relevant information.

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To make the promotion appear natural, inform your audience about the importance of your event or history, especially if you hold these events regularly. Tell your attendees how your virtual events can contribute to their lives or career.

Reach out to Perth audiences to join your virtual event. Perth is part of the 86.5% statistic of Aussies online 180 minutes or three hours per day. Internet usage in Australia is rising in a business landscape, becoming more dependent on online interactions.

  • Create a solid backlink profile

Backlinks are links to your pages via other websites. These are a critical part of your seo agency perth strategy since they are signals for search engines to route to your website as a relevant and quality source.

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You can earn backlinks for your SEO by reaching out to other organizations and partners. Submit guest posts to their websites or reach out to link building services Fb ad management that aid you in getting and placing backlinks more effectively.


  • Polish your pages’ structure

Google ranks pages higher with a clear structure and user-friendly navigation. The page layout creates the first impression to your visitors, so you must plan it carefully. Scrolling through your site must be seamless to strengthen your outcomes.

The title, as well as headings, must be clear and descriptive. It is key to the estimation of your page for search engines. Tag your headings and subheadings correctly. The name of your event must be incorporated in the URL so as not to confuse people who receive it in their email.

Bear in mind that your SEO efforts in Perth must also expand to social media. Perth is part of the Australian population that regularly utilizes social media. Facebook is the top social media platform in the country, with more than 60% of Aussies, including Perth residents logging onto the platform at least once per month. According to data from the Australian Internet Statistics, an estimated 80% of Aussies were active on social media in the current year compared to only 58% in the previous years.

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