How To Prove Theft Of Intellectual Property

 If you own a business or have a company or brand, you must have certain trade secrets or a trademark logo, or other forms of intellectual property to protect. Your intellectual property is what makes you stand out in the crowd and helps you beat your competitors. Therefore, you probably have rivals aiming to steal these from you. 

You might be unaware of the different ways your intellectual property can get stolen. You must familiarize yourself with the risks of being stolen or used unlawfully. If you suspect someone of using your intellectual property, a Las Vegas Commercial Litigation Attorney can help you prove your claim by gathering the necessary evidence. 

How to prove theft of intellectual property 

If you believe your intellectual property has been stolen, you need to collect the right forms of evidence to prove your claim. If you have incurred any losses due to the other party using your IP, you can collect the lost amount in damages. 

  • Determine who has access to your IP. 

The first step to proving intellectual property theft is determining who has access to them. Create a list of all people in your company or business to your IP. Do not forget to include any new businesses, companies, or freelancers you might have recently partnered with. After you have the list of people, find out who had recently accessed it and what purpose. 

  • Take pictures of suspicious activities. 

If you have seen suspicious activities in your office recently, you should not ignore them. Take pictures of every potential physical evidence you can and screenshot digital content. For example, if you see records of an employee logging in on a computer right before the theft occurred, make sure you save that record. 

You may also take the help of an IT professional in Las Vegas to collect more digital evidence. This is one of the most important steps because it will help you and the legal team develop a strong case. 

  • Determine how much the theft has cost you.

The third step is determining how many losses you have incurred because of the theft. You must calculate all of your losses and leave nothing out so that you can get your deserved compensation. Count from the time you discovered the theft and continue until your legal case ends. For example, if somebody else has used your company’s trademark, some of your clients may have gone to them instead of your company. This may have resulted in great losses. 

  • Seek legal help. 

One of the things that will help you succeed in your legal case is hiring an attorney. An attorney will be able to determine whether you have a case and gather evidence for you. This is a significant plus point since the evidence is key in any legal case.