How to Start a Guest Blogging Strategy For Freelance Writing

When starting a guest blogging strategy, you must separate the job of pitching a topic into a few different individuals: one person who pitches the topic, another who creates the outline and handles emails, and yet another who writes the initial draft and inserts the links. High Domain Authority links are especially valuable, so writers who can pitch the top DA websites will get cheap or free content. You can find freelance writing jobs at Flex jobs, Flex careers, and even Craigslist.

Write a guest blog post

How to Write a Guest Blog Post is a useful technique to get your name and content out there on the web. There are many ways to do this. Besides networking with other writers and websites, guest blogging is also a great way to get a taste of freelance writing. Before you try this method, make sure you have done some research. Before submitting your guest posting sites research which topics work best with the target audience. Some useful tools to help you find the best topics are Octopus and Digg. These tools allow you to track social media engagement and provide data about the most popular blog posts.

Make sure you know what the blog owner wants. Some blog owners prefer certain types of guest bloggers. Be aware of this and make sure your bio reflects that. You should also include links to other published posts. Always remember to pitch multiple topics before landing a guest post. You can also include the guest post in your email pitch. Remember to include a bio so the blog owner can get a better idea of what kind of content you can provide.

Find a blog owner

A great way to earn money by blogging is to find a blog owner and pitch to them. Many blog owners want content written by people who can help them out with their niche. The majority of these people will be more than happy to accept your offer. You can find these blog owners on websites like Flex jobs and Flextime’s. However, you should be aware of the rules and requirements that the blog owner has for writing guest posts.

Once you have identified a blog owner who is looking for freelance writing, you should pitch them a few ideas for topics that you think will work. Before you contact them, always check the blog owner’s guidelines and follow them. Remember that you can build a relationship with a blog owner without knowing them personally. Online relationships can be quickly built. Be sure to follow the blog owner’s guidelines thoroughly and be prepared to pay a small fee to post your articles.

Write a guest blogger bio

A good bio can be a great way to promote your freelance writing services. You can focus on your experience and expertise related to the guest blog topic. Write about your background in the tech world, how you started as a freelance writer, or something that you have created yourself. Users will read your bio to find out more about you and decide whether or not you are credible. A good bio should sound impressive but be relevant to the target audience.

An author bio can be as short as two to three sentences. It’s best to have the most relevant information on the top, while the bottom slice can include your personal details. Include your contact information at the bottom, but don’t forget to include any relevant details that relate to your writing. This bio can be a great way to get more clients or contacts. Just be sure to include your link to your own website or bio page!

Promote a guest blog post

When it comes to promoting a guest blog post for freelance writing, you should focus on the website’s audience. You can find relevant blog owners by reading the guidelines on their website. You can also reach them by email or social media. Be sure to include your contact information when contacting them. If they do not list guest posts, you can use the same method as above. However, you must make sure that your post meets the requirements specified by the blog owner.

The first step in the process of promoting a guest blog post for freelance writing is to pitch it to relevant blogs. When you send the pitch, remember to include information such as the reason you want to write for the blog and links to your published posts. It is also helpful 2022 guest posting website to choose posts with high social engagement. Moreover, make sure to pitch several topic ideas to get an opportunity to write for other blogs. For example, if you are writing on a blog about how to promote a guest blog post, you should include information such as the website and blog owner’s name in the pitch.

Write a guest author bio

A bio for your freelance writing business should make every word count. Make every word count, and link your landing page to your author bio. If you’ve read bios, you know that many writers ignore this rule. Instead of linking to their landing page, they offer a free e-book or other goodie in return for the reader’s email address. If you follow these guidelines, your bio will make a good impression on editors and readers.

When writing a bio for yourself, try to be concise and highlight your best writing skills. You can include unique information and experience in your bio that separates you from other writers. For example, if you’re a mother of two boisterous girls, mention your parenting style or the fact that you occasionally hang out on Facebook. Humor is a powerful way to bond with readers, and it’s worth the extra time to create a bio that captures their attention.

Create a guest blogging calendar

The best way to plan your guest blogging schedule is to have a well-planned editorial calendar. A high-quality blog or magazine will have an editorial calendar. When pitching your guest post, consider what content editor might want to publish several months from now. For example, if you’re planning to write a holiday-related post for the fall, you should pitch that article to a magazine or blog in September or October.


Once you’ve developed a plan, color code the posts that you’re committed to publishing on each blog. Use this schedule as a reference for your commitments to guest blogging. Once you have a schedule, you can color-code the posts, assign due dates, and measure your success. You’ll be happier with your results and get more guest blogging assignments. And remember that a well-planned calendar is key to keeping your schedule on track.