Is Assignment And Project Management System Required in Schools and Colleges? 

We know that giving different tasks or activities as assignments and projects is the most prominent practice in schools and colleges. Now because of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the education system of our country is going online. It becomes essential to adopt an e-learning system that enables both teacher and student to teach and learn respectively from anywhere, anytime and prepare a quality educational environment for both. This system allows them to create and manage assignments more appropriately. It has different features like fees management software, LMS portals, and more to make everything more organized and easier. 

Different Types Of Assignments

  1. Reading assignment- it is the assignment in which students have to answer the question orally in recorded form that the teacher asks, and later teacher will evaluate the shared audio files. The benefit of Reading assignments is that teachers will be aware of how well students know and understand the concepts, and teacher can give their feedback accordingly. The speaking skills of a student will also improve.
  2. Writing assignment- as the name suggests, in this assignment, students have to write answers to the given assignment and share them with teachers. It enables the student to research a topic thoroughly and improves writing skills.
  3. The visual assignment is a creative and artistic assignment in which students are asked to elaborate given topic by drawing, using images or videos, etc. It helps in a better understanding of the topic.
  4. Project assignment is an association of all three types of assignments, giving the student a choice according to their wish and convenience. It is also considered an effective way of learning.

In the project or admission management system, every task is assigned with a ‘start’ date which is the day on which assignments and projects are allotted to each student, and an ‘End date,’ which is the last submission date of those assignments and projects. This system makes it easy for teachers to view the task’s status regularly. Students can even interact and solve whatever doubts they have about their task; in the end, it is also helpful in evaluating assignments and projects can be quickly assessed, and they can see the performance of every student. It provides transparency and reduces the scope of biases in students, which sometimes is questionable in offline assignment evaluation. 

Benefits And Features Of The Assignment And Project Management System

  • Easy to create assignments- By using this system, the teacher can quickly provide assignments and projects to students. Also, it is easy to attach additional resources such as pdf, docs, images, etc., to the same. 
  • Time-saving- teachers, provide assignments online, which reduces time and effort for paperwork and requires less manual work, which makes this system time-saving.
  • Interactive reports – with the student’s completion of assignments and projects, teachers can evaluate and review them online. According to the performance of each student, grades are allotted automatically. Later the teacher can also give feedback to them. This feedback can be available in graphical representation, which helps students know about their performance growth and position in class, encouraging further improvement.
  • Access relevant data at once – Students can access any subject data instantly. As pdfs, docs, videos, etc., have already been uploaded by teachers to provide an additional resource to help the student. 
  • Student can edit their assignments before submitting them if required.
  • Assignments and projects can be given and viewed separately for each subject and each group of students. Also, the system provides predefined tasks and projects, which is helpful for teachers in assigning topics to students.