Is Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva Really Good for Boxing as a Whole?

Boxing is one of the most impactful and influential sports in the history of the country, as they have a lot of historical impact throughout the country. However, there has been a drastic decline in the popularity of the sport for a number of reasons. Back in the day, people were able to recite by memory every single heavyweight champion. However, YouTube sensation Jake Paul has brought a breath of fresh air to the sport as he has a headlining fight against UFC star Anderson Silva scheduled. Today, we are going to discuss whether Jake Paul fighting other non-boxers is good for the sport.  

You definitely will be able to get in the action here as you can bet on the boxing odds for this fight. It does not matter that it is two amateur boxers, as tickets will be printed so that it will be an exciting fight here. 

Popularity Sells

The Paul brothers definitely have been able to make a name for themselves in the sports world as Jake Paul is getting ready for a boxing match against Anderson Silva while his brother Logan is getting prepared to face off against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. That is the thing; the Paul brothers have a massive following as Jake Paul has 4.4 million Twitter followers, 21 million followers on Instagram, and 20.3 million YouTube subscribers. That means he is able to get the attention of a lot of people, and he is bringing that to the world of boxing, as there is a generation of people that would probably not be interested in the sport if it was not for him.

This is not him going after championships right away as Jake Paul wants to improve and continue climbing up as he begins a professional boxing career. Having the star power to drive pay-per-view numbers to the ability that Paul has done is incredible. He seems to have that Floyd Mayweather factor where people are going to buy, hoping he gets knocked out. 

Paul is also innovative because he is fighting against a combat sports legend, Anderson Silva, meaning there is some credibility in his opponent as well. This helps brings eyes to the sport of boxing, and maybe some people watching this fight continue to search out boxing content of other people and become fans of this incredible sport.

What is the Harm?

One of the questions people ask in the world of business is what is the risk and what is the benefit of a decision. There is not much harm in the world of boxing, as getting new eyes on the product is incredible. This is not going to be a championship-level fight as they are going to be still amateur boxing. Jake Paul is on a whole different level than where guys like Le’Veon Bell, as he is only 25 years old and is at the age where he can continue developing his skills and not be too far behind other people that have been boxing for a more extended period. This is by no means saying Jake Paul is going to be a champion of any kind as we are a little too early in his career to be prognosticating those, but he is a skilled fighter and promoter that is beneficial to the world of boxing in its current state. 


Remember that at this time that Jake Paul is an amateur boxer and not at all fighting in the “big leagues” yet. Still, having these fights against other non-boxers as he gets his feet wet in the amateur circuit is a great way to gain experience and build it up himself. He has five total fights and should continue to get better, and that will only do wonders for the sport of boxing as a whole.