Maize Sheller Buying Guide – Must Read

In time humans have found a way to make almost any type of work easier, faster, and more straightforward. We are in the 21stcentury where the human population is increasing day in and day out. Thus, the rising demand for food has to be accounted for. This evolution led to the need and invention of maize shellers to make work easier and faster.


Maize shellers are machines used to separate corn kernel from the maize cob. Kenyans require this machinery because maize is the most reliable and affordable staple food, and due to maize’s rising demand, this machine entirely does a straightforward job in shelling maize with unique underlying factors, which are:

Fast maize shelling process

Maize cobs are inserted at the inlet of the sheller machine, which is impacted by fast speeding rotating motors to separate maize kernels from their cob, then the cob is ejected from the rear of the maize sheller machine. This machine is more immediate than shelling a maize cob by hand, which is tiresome.

Multipurpose shelling processes

With only one person to operate the equipment, some maize shells are uniquely built to shell grains from other plants, such as wheat and peas, and still convert maize cob and stalk into chaff for animal consumption. So if you aren’t a full maize farmer, you do not worry about purchasing other machinery to obtain grains.

High saving cost

The maize sheller price in Kenya depends on different power source usage, the safety of the equipment, and work performance. For a farmer, it saves on labor costs for it needs one person to operate and the amount of maize being shelled. The mobile sheller machines, meaning farmers can shell maize at their farms.

Size of the maize sheller machine

Maize shellers come in different sizes. Some come in small sizes but are cheap for manual maize shelling, which is advisable for small-scale farmers with small grain production. In contrast, others are large-sized maize shellers and electrically powered for automatic shelling of large amounts of grain production.

Design of the sheller machine

The type and design of the maize sheller machines depend on the amount of maize being processed to ensure the equipment fits perfectly in the space it is stored for use. For farmers, it’s not about the design. It’s about the amount of maize the maize sheller machine can process.


Maize sheller machine

The durability of the machines

Maize shelling  machines are built with stainless steel, meaning they can withstand the long-term shelling of maize without wrecking, with only minor maintenance and adjustments to keep going. The small size can be moved around and mounted in different areas, retaining high performance to shell maize without wrecking.


As we can see, farming isn’t the tiresome work people used to complain about; different technological farm inputs, such as maize shelling, were invented to make farm work more accessible. For all the farmers out there who feel like giving up