Must-Do Things Before Buying a Gold Necklace Set

When you want to invest some money in gold, the most obvious is buying expensive gold jewellery or ornament for you or your wife. What’s better than buying a Gold Necklace Set for your wife or yourself? Well, it’s pretty expensive and comes with appreciating value. So, it’s always better to get some amazing gold jewellery like a necklace set and keep your wife happy. But as you are spending a huge chunk of your savings on the gold necklace set, it’s essential to buy it with ultimate care.

You should be a vigilant customer, and you should properly check the gold necklace set before buying it for yourself. If you are not sure what to do before buying a gold necklace set jewellery, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share the detailed buying guide for gold necklace sets, which you should follow to invest money properly and get the best quality gold jewellery worth the money.

Gold Necklace Set Buying Guide


#1 – Check for Hallmark

Hallmark is the stamp that the Bureau of Indian Standards issues. It’s the stamp that indicates the purity of the gold. As the jewellers sell 12k, 14k, 18k, 22k and pure 24k gold jewellery, it’s essential to check and rate it. You don’t want to get duped with an 18k gold necklace set at the price of 24k gold. So, it’s essential to check for the hallmark on the jewellery, which confirms the purity of the same.

#2 – Check the Weight

As gold is pretty expensive, it’s charged as per the grams. So, before proceeding with the buying process, you should first check for the absolute weight of the gold. As gold jewellery is often made with gold and other supporting metals for durability, you should check for the weight of the gold only and then pay according to the same. Most of the back alley jewellery or even the local jewellers charge the money for the whole weight of the jewellery, even when the gold used in the same is negligible.

#3 – Making Charges

Making charges are nothing but the charges of designing and assembling gold jewellery in India. It’s essential to check for the making charges and bargain on the same if possible. Usually, the standard rate of the making charges is 2-3% of the jewellery price. Paying anything more than the market standards is not good, and you should always bargain with the seller. The majority of the gold shops offer huge discounts on the making charges, which will help you get a beautiful gold necklace set at fair prices.

Final Words

It’s very important to check for a few things before buying expensive and traditional gold jewellery from the local shops. When you buy something expensive like the gold necklace set, it’s imperative to check for these few things to get a fair price and high-quality jewellery.