Secrets Insurance Company Will Not Tell You! 

When you sustain an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you can file a compensation claim. During the process, your primary target would be to tackle the insurance company adjuster and ensure that you do not fall for their trap in any case. 

The insurance adjuster will call you before you even get a chance to contact an injury lawyer Atlanta GA. Despite the evidence you have collected, the primary focus of their company would be to roll out a minimum settlement to you and prove fault. 

Since you will have to answer the insurance adjuster to get a successful claim, here are a few secrets that the adjuster will not reveal. 

  • The insurance adjuster will work in the company’s favor and not yours. 

The insurance adjuster appears too friendly and concerned and often lures the victim in their friendliness nature. However, it is vital to know that even if the insurance adjuster works in their best favor. Their ultimate goal is to give you less settlement. 

  • The fair settlement is only appropriate for the insurance company. 

The “fair settlement” by the company is subjectable. In most cases, the settlement is fair on the company’s side and will not be entirely fair for the victim. When you receive the first settlement offer, ensure to get it verified with your lawyer to see if it covers all your needs. 

  • The company will try to use your pre-existing medical condition to lower your compensation. 

If the victim has pre-existing injuries, the insurance company will try to go beyond their ways to blame the current injuries on the pre-existing condition. Therefore, get a proper diagnosis by the doctor with all the necessary reports so that you have sufficient evidence. 

  • You can refuse to give a statement unless you speak to an attorney. 

The insurance company will ask you for a recorded statement about your accident, how it occurred, injuries you sustained, and more. Many people get frightened and give a statement that ruins your claim. You can politely refuse to give a statement to the company and tell them you need to talk to your lawyer first. 

  • You can hire a lawyer. 

Personal injury lawyers are experts in getting the best settlement offer for your case. Additionally, when you have a lawyer by your side, the insurance company will think twice before using dirty tactics and lowering your claim. To ensure that you get the deserving compensation, you must hire a personal injury lawyer.