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This week’s wallpaper is a striking yet underappreciated bit of Bollywood history. Yes, you heard right. The classic Nasser film ‘Humlay Diya’ was released in 1967 and it’s the wallpaper for this season. The year is 1967, after all, and that’s when Indian cinema hit the screens of the world in ever-increasing numbers. That’s right, the year is all about to present India, Bollywood and the world with a film indir mobil new and inspiring wallpaper, what’s that? ‘Humlay Diya’. Yes, the movie in question is absolutely no where near overhyped but the fact that it’s a great wallpapered picture is and always will be a defining Bollywood moment.

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Yazd is one of the most outstanding examples of 1980s Bollywood. It is not only a stunning picture but also a classic. It is available in a vibrant and colorful style that is sure to please anyone’s eye. You can download the image as a wallpaper or choose it as a desktop or mobile image. If you choose a mobile image, you’ll only see it on your phone, not your desktop.

This wallpapering picture is nothing but a Reveal The Message. It came out in 1980 and it is still popular among Gen Xers and Mature Teens today. The picture is a bit darker than the rest of the wallpapering this week but that is to be expected given the time period. So, how about this? You can download the astonishing picture as a wallpaper, as a desktop or mobile image, as a gif or as a laser disc.