Some Important Features To Consider When Selecting Safety Boots

Safety boots are a must-have in most workplaces as they play a significant role in foot protection. They are part of personal protective equipment (PPE) used in work places. This article will discuss why you should invest in safety boots and some factors to consider when choosing the most suitable pair.

Firstly, safety boots are available in different styles and designs. Some factors should be considered when determining the kind of footwear to employ. Whether you are an employer, employee, or self-employed, having protective gear is key to higher production. No one has to worry about being injured or paying for injuries inflicted on workers by machinery.

Work environment

The employee’s work setting that impacts their productivity should be deliberated first. This includes the hazards associated with their work.  Factors to be considered include the usage of weighty objects or equipment that can cause harm to the operator if it rolls or is dropped, handling hazardous materials that can cause corrosion, and the kinds of tools that are being used.

If liquids are being used, the temperature is considered since the resistance varies from one boot to the other. Whether it’s a cold room or high temperature, a specific boot is designed to protect from burns or cold bites. A slippery floor calls for boots that prevent slips, falls, and trips.

Material used

Although safety boots generally offer protection, they vary in effectiveness and resistance to hazards. This variation causes a massive impact on the safety boots Kenya prices. They have a toe cap made of either steel or composite materials such as aluminum. A drop test is done to determine the weight it can take.

The toe cap is covered by leather on the upper side, which offers protection against hazardous materials and weather elements such as heat. The inner lining which comes into contact with the skin is made of comfortable and breathable fabric like cotton. The inner sole is also made of a material that absorbs moisture quickly, thus drying fast.

The outer sole is made from various materials with different characteristics that should be considered when choosing it.

Electric resistance

When work involves the use of electric cables, whether live or dead, the worker should be protected from electrocution, which can even cause death. When choosing safety boots to use, it is best to check on the ones made with high electric resistance materials.

Puncture and cut resistance

When working with sharp tools such as nails, axes, or knifes safety work boots that are cut-resistant are needed. This is in fields such as carpentry and welding. The boot should be able to withstand a piercing and protect the user from injuries while working. This makes the user confident while working which improves productivity.


Safety boots do more than just protect our feet from injuries. Foot injury can be the key determinant in the ability to work. It is therefore mandatory to have them depending on the work environment. Unavoidable daily needs.