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‍This is my favourite thing Solarwinds of The Voice: there’s so much excitement around the show, and so many twists and turns that you can barely imagine how it all comes together. Nowhere is this more true than during the final episode, when Chris semester-finalist Vanessapromises to join forces with former high school sweetheart Chaz to form a new musical act. But what if they aren’t the only ones who can make it in Showbusiness? What if there’s another singer out there who can take their show from the stage to the big screen? Well, there’s actually an opportunity for all of these singers – because on December 21st, The Voice will return with a brand new season! And since we’ve already heard some of our favourites perform back-to-back episodes over the course of several seasons, here are our five favourite things about The Voice season 4…

Here we go!

In the second half of the season, the group known as “The Voice” – which is made up of former champion and current members Chaz and Vanessapromises – travelled to New Zealand to perform for the first time. Here they met the nation’s leading voice, Mehandi Love, who instantly recognised the talent on display, enthusiasm and ability to execute the songwriting process achilles heel. The pair quickly became friends, and fans have been wondering what kind of relationship they have had with each other since. While the show has always been incredibly friendly and welcoming to its contestants, it’s nice to see once again that the viewers are not only behind the performance, but in it with them as well.

The return of the #1s

The second half of the season saw the “top two” from the first half of the season, Chaz and Vanessapromises – along with former Idol frontrunner Mehandi and fellow “top two” winner Andrea Rizzo – return to the stage in their bid to win the competition again. However, this time, it was the boys from “The Voice” who made their return. And the excitement around the pair is nothing short of electric. As the show journeyed towards New Zealand, the anticipation was immense for the returning duo, with many expecting them to perform at the same time as the winner, Chris Heirs. And it was not to be.

The return of Chaz and Vanessapromises

This is the big one. The big one, and only one we’re talking about here, the return of Chaz and Vanessapromises. We’ve all been waiting for this for a long time, and for the last few months, we’ve all been hoping for the return of one of the two. It’s been 15 seasons since the pair last performed on The Voice, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that they’ve been living in the past. But no – they’re still there, and they’re still performing, and they’re still benefiting from the experience of the past 15 seasons. But the pair are in a new pose these days, and they’re sharing a stage with the likes of Orlando Bloom and Idina Menzel, so it’s safe to assume that they are regularly making new music.

The return of the “top two”

And now we get to the “top two”, who will still be on The Voice but now behind the scenes. You might have heard about the “top two” before – it’s the group that performs the winner’s monologue at the end of each season – but the two members who made their way onto The Voice in seasons past were Idina Menzel and Chris Heirs. They’ve since gone on to successful careers as solo artists, working with top names like Taylor Swift, Macklemore, and Pharrell. This season, however, it’s the boys from The Voice who will be taking their cues from the audience, and so far, it’s working.

The final show of the season

And finally, the final show of the season sees the “top two” reunited in their iconic mode, as they battle for the Miss Universe title and ultimate prize: the Grammy Awards. The competition will be very intense, and it’s going to be interesting to see who emerges victorious. The winner of the second season of The Voice will take home the trophy, and will get to choose between the two title models that the show has become famous for: The Voice or Apple Music. It’ll be a really tough choice, but if they can pull it off, they’re going to be the most successful duo in history. Ready to go? Let’s go!