The must have email marketing tools

Do you get frustrated spending a lot of time working on emails, updating the email list, and figuring out when to send them or how to send them?

In this article you will learn about some of the best tools that you can use to have your email marketing on autopilot.

Yes, you could have cruise control!

And you can get most clicks from your email marketing campaigns.

Did you know? According to research, a professional spends more than three hours a day on email which is more than twenty-one hours a week, and more than one hundred twenty hours a month.

Have you ever wondered how to move from emails taking up our valuable time to making emails work for us?

We will now look at some tools that can get you there. These tools come with free version or free trial and may be limited in some type of ways.

HubSpot free email marketing tool

The HubSpot free email marketing tool is a great tool to save your time. With this tool handy, you could send personalized emails with a few drags and drop editor.

By spending less time, you can easily engage with your audiences, boost the email open rates and CTR (Click Through Rate).

The free version you get limited features, and if you wish to have additional features, you need to opt for the premium version. is an award winning B2B lead generation tool.

This is an email look up tool that is a savior for people who do not know how to get someone’s email address or for people who wish to get more done in less time.

How to get someone’s email address?

Do you know how to get someone’s email address? Well, finds it using artificial intelligence and the information is highly accurate.

You can start with the free versions by signing up, it comes with Chrome extension, you can try them too. With these extensions, you can scrape your prospects registered email addresses from Gmail and LinkedIn platforms.

That is incredible! Isn’t it?


You can amaze your email subscribers with responsive newsletters by using Moosend email marketing service provider.

Like HubSpot, this tool also come with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Besides this, they have analytics showing the number of clicks your emails are getting.

How does that sound?

You could start with the free version. The free version is up to a thousand subscribers. And beyond that, you must upgrade to the paid version.

If you are just starting to work on email marketing campaigns, and naïve to all the concepts, then this tool is highly recommended for you.


Did you know? Good subject lines are crucial to increase the email open rates. And SendPulse can do that in no time.

With this tool handy, you can be sure that your email goes with a great opener that gets people to click and open the email.

Concluding thoughts

There are many good tools in the market out there with which you could automate your email game. To start with you can use the tools shared in this article and save time on researching.

And then you may spend time experimenting with different tools.