The suggestion of many professors for CBD uses

Like the news that happened a year ago, Prof. Dr. Prachya Kongthaweelert, Lecturer of Tissue Engineering Research Center, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University Interviewed through the media that you have many brands of oranges for sale in Thailand. Price per kilogram of 35 baht or more is a fruit that is eaten to benefit the body. because it is pretty high in vitamin C, including lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, and vitamin C have also been found to contain hesperidin. Which is likely to be developed as a cancer drug that can continue in the future and from; research studies from international researchers reported in scientific journals and medical science, which results from research studies Have been reported to inhibit the growth of many types of cancer cells.

Whether it is colon cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, and liver cancer because extracts from orange and lemon seeds are substances from naturally used for consumption and as a component of food, it can be said that If continuing education may lead to developed in conjunction with chemotherapy, It is widely used worldwide because it does not have the same side effects as chemotherapy, which is documented. Research citing synergistic effects, including inhibiting the growth of cancer cells And it is also interesting that extracts from lemon and orange seeds can destroy cancer cells without harming normal cells. It shows that if it can be used, it must be used in the right way. Used in conjunction with chemotherapy or the news, a journalist went to interview a cancer patient. One then said A patient with breast cancer has recovered from cancer. But after listening to the news to the end, it was found that this patient had breast cancer treatment from previous chemotherapy until the tumor disappeared, but cancer relapsed two years later. The patient also ate oranges together with chemotherapy, which calmed the disease.

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Three more years, but time is news. You will talk about eating oranges until the audience does not dream about eating oranges to cure breast cancer. (I think that trying to eat won’t hurt anything.) Scholars tend to give opinions as they exist and are open to new research that will arise from the observations and experiences of others who have been told and used to plan research. Conclusions for the best interests of patients and people:

There is no bias and conflict of interest.

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Conclusion and suggestions

Data to date show clear benefits in the use of CBD kaufen extracts for therapeutic purposes. The current plan also has limited indications, including in what proportions the pure substance is used. knowing the exact dosage; and the number of diseases or conditions used as first-line drugs is still minimal. We still need systematic studies to show that. It is clear which disease or condition or indication is the most appropriate to apply. be used and used in any stage of the disease. CBD kaufen or other drugs that What is the appropriate amount of purification? And there is a follow-up for good results and side effects or addiction. In connection with continued use, a trained physician or general practitioner must give proper and accurate advice to the patient or person who is used so as not to cause more harm than good. People or patients must be warned to be extremely careful when using cannabis itself or its substances.

Extracted cannabis for an unknown dosage and used it to treat it without empirical evidence. Doctors must not recommend using marijuana for recreation Thailand should have a national organization to monitor the use of cannabis and cannabis extracts to they are prescribing the drug, indications for the drug, research study models to obtain information to come together and draw conclusions about the good and the bad. Together soon, 12 pilot hospitals used GPO-THC extract from the Pharmaceutical Organization for CBD kaufen use.

Already medical Specialized physicians and nurses should be organized who understand the importance of data collection. understand the matter of confidentiality and privacy of patients and relatives and follow up on the use of GPO-THC by informing patients and relatives  know in advance Both follow up with phone calls and follow up on home visits. (If the patient does not show up for an appointment), arrange a clean place.