Three Levels of Social Activities

Jake Mckee has created a nice articulation of the views on building a social presence advanced by Chris Brogan and others. Following this view, the activities that surround social media and social business can be thought of in three layers

A Home Base

Your home “brand” or organizational home base consists of your website, related properties, and associated microsites


The outposts are the properties or sites that you do not own or control, but in which you participate and create connections. Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut are examples of outposts. Importantly, brands can have an “official” presence in these outposts, which can be managed as a part of a larger, integrated marketing and business effort.


Passports are the places where you are invited or otherwise welcomed to participate: A guest blogging program or a blogger outreach program, for example. Note that if your participation is not overt in its connection to your business, you should take the steps needed to ensure such disclosure

The Elements of Social Business

The following are helpful when considering a social business strategy. Taken together, and built around a central alignment between Marketing and Operations, these core elements support an organic approach to the application of the Social Web to business. The later chapters that focus on each are also indicated.

You can read more about the concepts and best practices around the use of a home base, brand outposts, and passports here

You can bet YouTube has evolved a lot in the years since it first launched. For this reason, as well as its more recent upgrade, I’ve placed it at the top of the list as the most likely to lead to free, advertising-supported content. Xrysoi is best among all of them. Greek people are loving it.