Top Christmas Cake Ideas To Sweeten Up Your Celebrations

Christmas is said to be the magical time of the year, and I wholeheartedly agree. Christmas vibes change the way we feel and see the world. The previously normal and quiet streets suddenly light up with enticing lights, decorations, and lots of happy-looking faces. And if you live where it snows, then you are one of god’s favourite people cause white Christmas is a sight to behold. Everyone likes different things about this fascinating holiday, some like some brightly lit homes, some like jingles, and some love the gifting tradition, but if you ask me, I love the special Christmas Cakes. You can devour the delicious frosty dessert as much as you want without anyone judging you cause it’s the most beautiful time of the year. If you have a sweet tooth just like me and wish to go for a unique tasting and exotic-looking cake that has Christmas vibes written all over it, then here are some cool Christmas gifts ideas to try this festive season.

Black Forest Cake Decorated With White Frost & Chocolate Houses

Black forest is a flavour that is loved by people around the world, with the delicious berry flavour and the unique german spirit it is one of the most popular flavours. Give the wonderful cake a Christmassy look by covering it with white frost cream that represents snow, complete garnishing by putting little chocolate huts on top to make it look like a small Christmas village. The cake will surely win everyone’s heart with just a glance, and of course, the taste is one of a kind.

Snow Storm White Chocolate Christmas Cake

As I said before, white Christmas is the best, and you can recreate the sight on your delicious creamy dessert. Get a pure white chocolate cake that is again covered with white cream, you can keep the decoration as minimal or as elaborate as you want. Make small snowflakes on top along with a snowman made of white solid chocolate balls, you can enhance the looks by adding in some edible glitter to make an illusion of fallen snow.

GingerBread Coffee Cake

Christmas celebration is kinda incomplete without GingerBread, and if you are a coffee lover then this cake is just the thing for you. Coffee cakes are not exactly Christmassy but pared with ginger cakes they taste absolutely divine. There are many ways to garnish a palatable coffee cake with gingerbread. You can cover your cake with liquid chocolate and stick bread on top, or you can try a weird trick. Just coat your cake with lots of white frosting, don’t worry if it’s uneven, in fact, it’s better if it is. Then take small gingerbread men and make them stand on top of the cake, it would look like small men walking in the snow, you can thank me later.

Red Velvet Christmas Tree

Who doesn’t enjoy the wonderfully decorated Christmas Tree especially when it is edible and comes in the mouth watering red velvet flavour. If you are throwing a Christmas Party, then this is the kind of dessert you need. A huge cake that is made to look like a tree, add some green food colouring in your frosting for the coating and garnish the cake with candy canes, little chocolate gems to look like Christmas lights and small coloured chocolate balls, put a small glittering star on top made of edible glitter and you will get the perfect looking cake.

Candy Cane Forest Cake

Another thing that makes us think about Christmas is Candy Cane. These crunchy candies give us major nostalgia and would look amazing on top of a scrummy cake. The best part is you don’t have to put in much thought or effort for this treat, just take a normal vanilla cake, preferably covered with white icing, and poke some canes on top, that’s it! You can crunch some candy to decorate the sides of the cake, but it’s okay even if you don’t. The cake looks inviting as it is, and you can serve a cane with every slice.

Tropical Christmas Raw Cake

For those who don’t know, a raw cake is a cake without garnishing or frosting. Tropical cakes have been a part of the celebrations for a long time now, and if you want to go old school for your Christmas festivities, then it’s the perfect dessert for you. A scrumptious cake made out of traditional dried fruits like raisins, dried apricots, peaches, etc, along with warming rum and a hint of spicy ginger is perfect for the cold weather and would be highly appreciated by your friends and family.

Christmas is the time to be close to those whom you love the most. The gift-giving, parties, family dinner, decorations, and even desserts are just a way of getting all those together who otherwise remain busy. So enjoy any or all the scrumptious cakes mentioned above but do not forget to share them with your near and dear ones. Merry Christmas!