Types and Considerations When Buying A Feed Mixer

People are always looking for ways to make work easier and achieve the desired results. One such solution is the use of a feed mixer in livestock production. The machine mixes ingredients well to ensure animals are healthy with increased production. You only need to choose one based on your needs.

What is a Feedd Mixer?

A feedd mixer is a machine used to mix livestock feeds to ensure ingredients and nutrients are well distributed when pelletized, extruded, or mashed. They are commonly used in feed mills though farmers can use them on their farms. It plays an important role in ensuring animals get nutritional benefits from well-mixed feed for their health and production purposes. Horizontal feed mixer

Type of Feed Mixers

There are two main types of mixers; vertical and horizontal feed mixers. The choice depends on the intended use and the size of your farm.

Vertical feed mixer

These types of mixers are used to mix feeds on small farms. The vertical mixer doesn’t handle wet feeds and is therefore suitable for mixing dry feeds. The ingredients and premixes are put into the mixer from the bottom, and the vertical screws take it up. The materials then fall back and forth, and the feed is mixed in the process.

The commercial feed industry is shunning vertical mixers as it takes a long time and is difficult to achieve consistency. This is because different ingredients vary in density which causes the mixes to separate, and some remain at the bottom as the vertical screws don’t pick.

Horizontal feed mixer

Most integrated and commercial feed industries use horizontal mixers due to their efficiency. The mixer consists of blades or paddles that work on the ingredients and premixes to achieve consistent feeds within a short time. Compared tovertical feed mixers, the horizontal types tend to be pricier.

The feed mixer price in Kenya also varies based on which type of horizontal mixer you opt for. They come in three styles twin, paddle, and ribbon shaft.

Ribbon horizontal mixer

This type of mixer features a horizontal solonvet center shaft with rows of opposing ribbons on support arms. The machine mixes the feed as one set of ribbon move the ingredients in one direction, and the other pushes it back. This results in shearing and blending of feeds.

Paddle shaft horizontal mixer

This is similar to a ribbon shaft mixer, except the paddles are mounted on arms and extend from the shaft. The machine produces shearing and blending actions which mix the feed and is improved through lifting action.

Twin shaft horizontal mixture

This is the newest mixer in the market, commonly used for remodeling and new construction. The machine feature two side-by-side counter-rotating paddle or ribbon assemblies that cross-mix the ingredients. It also uses lengthwise mixing like the ribbon types to provide complete mixing within the shortest time.

Considerations When Selecting a Feed Mixer

When selecting a mixture, you should look at the type that serves your needs. The best type is based on the size of your farms and the intended use. Do you need a mixer for farm or commercial use? Buy a vertical mixer for small farms and a horizontal mixture for big farms or commercial use.

Horizontal mixtures have short mixing septuplets mccaughey father died times and higher consistent homogeneity, thus can easily handle large volumes.

The power requirements, capacity, and configurations dseklms should also guide you when buying a feed mixer.


Investing in a feed mixer is good to ensure your animals are fed well for increased production. You can also decide to buy one for commercial purposes. Check also about feed choppers.