Types of Industrial Safety Boots popularly used

Every employer has a legal right to be provided with protective gear by the employer. The protective gear includes gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, respirators, overall, and safety boots. This article elaborates on industrial safety boots such as driving boots, heatproof boots, high cut boots, ladies boots, lightweight boots, among others.


Industrial safety boot refers to protective foot ware reinforced with protective steel caps at different positions to protect from falling or compressional objects. They are usually of different types to suit various working conditions. All types are usually durable, but their mode of protection differs.

1. Industrial boots for driving

Not only does reckless driving causes road accidents but also the type of the driver’s shoes. Shoes such as sandals or high heels easily cause accidents. This type of boot is made with rugged surfaces to increase friction and reduce sliding. They are also perforated to facilitate air circulation and comfort. The material used is washable and easily cleaned.

2. Heatproof safety boots

Workers working in extremely hot environments require heatproof footwear to prevent their foot integrity. In industries such as steel mills, workers put on such shoes for comfortability. These shoes are rich in grips to prevent accidental slides and perforated for air circulation. This type of boot is also easily cleanable.

3. High cut safety shoes

This is a special type of safety foot ware designed for people in rough and uneven environments. Workers fond of walking up and down the stairs or working in an area full of obstacles require safety boots that can cover up to the ankle and shin. This boosts their working confidence and reduces the extent of injury in case of an accident.

4. Ladies safety boots

There are boots made specifically for ladies in working environments such as medical laboratories, electrical sites, or construction and engineering sites. They are designed per the working environment but only with a few special features explaining variability in industrial safety boots price in Kenya. They are well designed and lined with a soft material.

5. Lightweight safety boots

These are special boots worn when performing light tasks with lower chances of a foot injury. It is nonsensical for one to wear heavy protective boots, which can cause excessive, unnecessary pressure on the foot while performing less risky tasks. The boots are made light but strong to protect the feet. Their toe steel caps are also lighter.

6. Nonslip worker’s safety boots

These are slip-resistant footwear. They are not necessarily made with strong material, but they are rubber-soled with a tendency to increase grip on wet and oily floors. These avoid not only accidents from falling objects but also injury due to sliding. They are highly recommended in health centers, restaurants, groceries, and the entertainment industry.

7. Wellingtons safety boots

These are designed for waterlogged and dump places. They are made of PVC materials lined with mesh to be waterproof. Workers should not wear wet shoes as this can cause accidents or the development of fungal infections. They are also designed to resist dirt, reducing the transfer of mud or material from one place to another.


When purchasing industrial safety boots, it is good to ensure they are well-fitting to avoid accidents. Protective foot ware not only offers protection but also increases the confidence of the worker during work. The worker is also able to operate a variety of machines with ease. This article is of the essence for anyone with an ambition of purchasing industrial boots for their workers.