Understanding the Machine Used for Pipe Bending and How to Choose One

Pipe bending is a process that is executed to give pipes appropriate shapes. This aim is achieved by rotating the pipes at various angles by using a bending machine and clamping the pipes into place among two dies. The precision of bending depends on the properties of pipes such as hardness, thickness, etc.

You can create appropriate angles to your pipes by bending them using a machine that rotates them at various angles and finally reshapes them. However, if you do not use an appropriate machine to bend pipes, you might end up with inappropriate shapes. Once a pipe has been fabricated; post-fabrication is a process that makes pipes into products that can be used, these pipes are bent by the use of either bending machines controlled by a computer using the hot or cold methodology or these pipes are bent manually.

Different types of bending machines for pipes

We have various bending machines for pipes and they include, Hydraulic based machines that use a hydraulic ram to restructure the shape of pipes and Manual bending machines that are operated by individuals manually. Whichever machine you decide to purchase, ensure you take charge and choose the appropriate machine to fit your requirements. A great machine contains features that cannot cause harm to pipes and ensures the pipes don’t wrinkle.

How to choose an appropriate a bending machine for pipes

Before you make your purchase for a pipe bending machine, ensure they have the below characteristics:

Sturdiness is very crucial when making a purchase

Keep your eyes open for there is a possibility that you might end up with an inappropriate machine to bend pipes. It doesn’t matter how limited these chances are, better be ready always. Ensure you don’t purchase a machine that looks weak and cannot handle the reconstruction of pipes. A machine to bend pipes should be thick and sturdy.

You can measure the thickness of the bending machine you are about to purchase and ask about the purpose it is serving to pipes of your choice. This will help make a better choice before the purchase.

The radius of your pipes

It is important to achieve a perfect curve when bending your pipes. The radius of the pipe is the sole reason why bending exists. Pipes of various materials have various bending capacities therefore, there will be different machines in the market to serve different pipes. Before purchasing your machine, ensure you know the kind of curve you want as it will come in handy.

The type of bending

The bending process involves different techniques which vary from complicated to basic ones. Therefore, you can be able to choose your machine according to the type of bend you want. This is because different bending machines reconstruct pipes to different shapes such as roll bending which uses solid that goes through the pipe and reshapes it.


Before you hurry to purchase a bending machine for your pipes, remember today’s market is flooded with products of both high quality and poor quality. Also, due to the increased competition in the market, it can easily take advantage of your urgency to buy a bending machine. Ensure you do sufficient research on the kind of bending machine you want to purchase from its features, the purpose of buying it, and when you are ready to make a purchase, ensure it is of high quality.