Ways to Wash Your Dog without Water

If your dog doesn’t like bathing, it may be time-consuming and difficult for you to clean the dog. Too much bathing a dog can release the essential oils from the coat and skin of a dog, leading to irritation and dryness. Fortunately, you can keep fresh and wash your dog without water in various ways. Here are some home-based methods that can keep your dog feeling and looking good according to 360 Dog Walker SF

1. Wet Wipes

When your dog is full of dirt, wet wipes for pets are a great way to get rid of dirt. They are easy to clean the muddy paws of your pet. Use dog-friendly pet wipes, and take some with you when leaving the house. Wipe the paws by gently exfoliating between the toes and paw pads. Wet wipes are perfect for the dog’s entire coat; begin by wiping the neck. Gently scrubbing against the coat’s natural direction will help to clean the underlying dirt. The dog’s face needs to be wiped carefully with a fresh wipe by avoiding the mouth, eyes, and ears.

2. Dry shampoo

You don’t need to rinse dry shampoo; it will remove the fur and treat the skin of your dog. Dry shampoo is available in various forms, such as powder, foam, or spray. You should check for non-toxic ingredients as licking can upset the stomach of your dog. First, you need to brush your dog thoroughly and then spray dry ​​shampoo on the dog’s coat except for his face. Rub the shampoo under the coat to get it to the skin. Leave the shampoo on the skin for a few minutes and stop the dog from licking it. Now to remove the dry shampoo, brush well the dog’s skin, and then remove it with a towel. After body cleansing, now focus on your dog’s face. Cover the eyes of the dog to apply dry shampoo to the head. Place shampoo on your hands and start rubbing it on small parts to avoid getting shampoo into the mouth, eyes, or ears of your dog.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleanser for dog cleaning. If it is eaten in small amounts, it is harmless; however, it is harmful if eaten in large amounts. Before using it, it is advised to consult your veterinarian, as some dogs may be allergic. You can use only one cup of baking soda or mix it with a cup of corn starch. Baking soda help deodorize the coat, while corn starch will soften your dog’s coat by absorbing oil. Brush the dog and sprinkle it on the dog’s coat from neck to tail. Massage it well and leave it for a few minutes. If the dog doesn’t like to shake the powder on it, try putting a towel with soda and then towel it on your dog. Brush your dog’s skin and rub it with a clean towel.


You can keep your dog feeling and look good by cleaning him with wet wipes, dry shampoo, or baking soda. They work well to clean the dog without washing your dog with water.