Websites We Wish We Knew In Our Academic Life 

Academic life is the phase we all cherish and remember for our entire lifetime. We always look back at that time and laugh about it. No phase of life is easy, every phase comes with its own set of challenges. But technology would have made our lives easier back then. 

Technology has taken the world by its storm, and technological advancements are happening every day at a pace that is unknown to us. It has made our lives so easy and comfortable. We use it to order food, groceries, book flights, and whatnot. We are surrounded by technology. 

Here is a list of websites that we wish we knew during our college days to make our academic challenges easy. 

  • PDFSimpli

Submitting project reports in any format mess up the orientation of the document. PDF is an exception here, it keeps the content of the document intact and secure with password protection. You can edit PDF online once the document is converted to PDF to save the hassle of converting and editing, and then save as PDF. It also help you with issues like how to rotate PDF and save, or split or merge the PDFs.

  • Slack

Slack is a platform where you can share your work and ideas with your teammates and classmates. It can be integrated with DropBox and GitHub, which makes sharing of data easy. While other platforms can be a little distracting, this website is purely intended to exchange information in the form of text and media. You can create multiple channels and work on multiple projects at the same time.

  • DropBox

As mentioned in the previous point, DropBox is a cloud-based storage platform. It can also act as an online documentation tool that allows you to share and display different files and folders. You can collaborate on projects and share information in form of media, text, audio, and video files. 

  • Evernote

Evernote is a game-changer tool for any student. It makes the note-taking process so easy and organized. It can be integrated with DropBox and Google Drive to store and share your files across various platforms. It can also take voice notes, handwritten notes, and images to make your work a smooth sail. You can use it on mobile and desktop both for easy access.


Academic life is a time when you learn and grow. It is a time when you should be trying and experimenting with different things to make your life and work easy. The above-mentioned tools are a game-changer for any student, like PDF editor and Evernote, that will help any student.