What Are Google Ads and How Do They Work?

You own a plant nursery in Bangalore and may want to expand your reach online. In that case, advertising with Google Ads might be the correct choice for you. However, the question is, what are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform, one of the most used digital marketing tools, which shows you how to create online ads and reach target audiences. This platform runs on PPC, which is, pay per click advertising.

PPC advertising is a model where an advertiser has to pay for every click made by the visitor on the ad. These ads appear on the top whenever you make a search on Google. Suppose you search for “online plant nursery in Bangalore”, the results you will get will have some paid ads at the top to which “ads” is attached to differentiate between organic and paid ads. Refer to the image below for the reference:

Although there are so many advertising platforms, why Google ads? The answer is simple. There are plenty of benefits of using Google Ads, discussing a few over here:

  1. Immense Reach of Google:There are more than 2 trillion searches made on Google every day. It is the most popular Search Engine.
  2. Provides diverse options to fit various business models:The platform has diverse features, which helps different business models to use it. Be it text based ads, Local business ads on Google maps or video ads. Therefore, Google ads are successful for every business type.
  3. Helps in creating real sales:Google ads can be used for delivering quick and real results as well as reports for the campaigns created.  It is an easy way to analyse the progress of the campaigns because information for each campaign is given by Google ads platform like number of clicks on the ads, keywords entered by visitors, cost of clicks and more.
  4. Build brand awareness:Google Ads reinforces the brand name and personality of your brand, which is very essential to build repo with the visitors. A strong brand is built when a trust is built with its customers. Even if the users are not clicking on the ad, they are having a glance at it, your products, offers and taglines.  This strengthens the brand and its awareness.
  5. Provides high return on Investment: Google ads make you pay only for the ads on which people click. Therefore, this platform provides real return on investment as compared to the other advertising platforms.  For this, you need to find what suits best for your campaign and focus on making your campaigns successful.

These benefits of using Google Ads bring up the clarity on the use of Google ads. You have probably heard much about Google Ads before but when you think of starting your own ad campaign, you might get confused asking yourself “How do they actually work?”

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads are the online advertisements, which are shown to the potential and existing buyers of the product or service. The advertisers bid on the keywords and the ad, which wins the bid, is placed at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Research Page).  There are many factors, which are responsible for the Google Ads performance.

  1. Ad Rank and Quality Score: Ad Rank is the position at which your ad is placed on the paid SERP. For example, if your ad shows up at third position, the rank for the ad is number three. Quality Score is one of the factors, which determines the Ad rank. Quality Score derives from the quality and relevancy of the ad. Higher the Quality Score, lower will be the costs for the ad placement.  The click-through-rate of the ad depends on how well the ad matches with the search made. Therefore, Google ads perform well if the keywords used are relevant, the relevancy of the ad with the intent of the searcher and the experience of the user on your landing page.
  2. Keywords: Keywords are crucial for the paid ads as well as organic search.  The keywords are used to match the google paid ads with the search intent of the users. Every campaign you create allows you to use a set of keywords. Your ad is finally displayed based on the relevancy of the keywords selection with the user search query.
  3. Location: For setting up Google Ads, a geographical area needs to be selected where the ad is meant to be shown. The location should be set for all those places where the business operates. The setting of location plays a prominent role in the ad position. For example, if your fashion boutique is in Mumbai, a person sitting in Delhi would not be able to see your ad. This is how relevant ads are shown to the users.
  4. Match Types: As per Google, keyword match types show how closely the keywords should match with the user search query so that the ad is considered for the auction. There are different keyword Match Types:
  • Broad match: Here, the ads may show on the searches, which relates to the keywords. The search may match any keyword within your keyword phrase in any order. For example, “vegan food in Delhi” will match “Vegan food” or “Vegan Delhi”.
  • Phrase match:It will match the searches, which include the keyword phrase in the same order, but it can have additional words around it. For example, “vegan food” can give “best vegan food” or “vegan food in Delhi”.
  • Exact match:This match will take place when the user will enter the keywords in exact order. For example, “vegan food” will only show up when “vegan food” will be searched.
  1. Headlines: Headlines are very important to make your ad copy different from your competitors. The ad copy should be designed in a way, which matches the intent of the searcher. When a user searched for “customised gifts”, this ad result showed up.

This ad copy has a crisp headline with a description, which is clearly stating that this company sends personalized gifts, free delivery and midnight delivery as well.  The keywords like “personalized”, “free delivery” and “India’s no. 1 gift shop” is used to get more clicks and conversations.


Google ads work with the above given factors.  Setting up a Google Ads campaign is easy as one needs to visit the Google Ads website and click on Get Started”.

To conclude, there are three golden tips for Google Ads:

  • Choosing the correct keywords
  • Focus on an excellent ad copy
  • Keep optimizing your Quality Score

Understanding Google Ads and its mechanism is one of the best ways to make profits through paid ads. To get more knowledge on Digital marketing, join PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing, which is India’s most comprehensive Digital marketing program.