What are the advantages of high end hookahs?

For a long time, smoking cigarettes and regular pipes was not just believe to be unhealthy, but actually believed to be potentially beneficial to health. There was a time when doctors recommended cigarettes, pipes and a plethora of other things that we’ve since discovered to be both addictive and unhealthy. Of course, humans being who we are, something being unhealthy is it enough to stop us from satisfying vices.

While the absolute disappearance of tobacco predicted in science fiction didn’t happen, and in a sense never will, the attitude toward certain types of smoking has changed a lot. Cigarettes and cigars have fallen out of favor, with some more traditional, old-fashioned smoking accessories becoming more en vogue yet again. A prime example is the wider adoption of pipe tobacco, something containing less additives, and generally considered less offensive to the olfactory senses of non-smokers.

However, for those looking for something a little more satisfying, and something that requires less continuous smoking to keep a nicotine craving at bay, high end hookahs are something to consider.

What are hookahs and hookah accessories?

A hookah is somewhat related to a bong, and that they are both chambered devices through which tobacco was pulled in a straight pipe and then into a chamber. Some forms of hookah utilize water not dislike a bong, while others do not.

The smokers pull the smoke through a mouthpiece connected via a tube or cable, some hookahs having multiple connected mouthpieces for social smoking. Various accessories include additional mouthpieces, flavorings and infuser’s, facial the bowls to be connected for vaporizing or enhancing the tobacco, as well as specialty types of charcoal and specialty blends of tobacco.

Hookah accessories are somewhat less diverse than accessories for certain other types of smoking, but that solely due to the simplicity and completeness of the device, though I said, lots of customization and unique smoking experiences can be had through various accessories.

Hookah smoking is one of the older forms of consuming tobacco short of primitive pipes used by natives in the New World. They date largely back to the near East, Middle East and other stretches of the Ottoman Empire, and have become a common prop when setting a scene in a dusty, remote desert town in the more exotic parts of the world.

With newer generations looking for healthier, more satisfying ways to enjoy tobacco, these and other forms of smoking have become increasingly popular, and are probably only going to continue to increase in popularity in the future.

It is worth noting that hookahs do produce second-hand smoke, being the any place with an open smoking ban also applies to these devices. Their lack of portability may also be an issue for some, being a largely stationary, “relaxed” approach to enjoying tobacco.

Smoking is, of course, always going to be somewhat bad for your health, regardless of how you do it. Inhaling the smoke of a burning plant is not something the human lung is intended for, and there are always risks of respiratory problems among other things, so never mistake this as a perfectly safe alternative to other forms of smoking.