Truck collisions can be severe and devastating. Significant damage can result when a pickup truck collides with a car or another passenger vehicle. Knowing what to do following a truck accident is essential for your safety.

Here are some things you should do to take these concerns into account. Always check to see if you or anyone else in the collision is safe. It’s acceptable to skip these steps to protect the health of others or yourself if someone requires emergency medical care.

Report the accident and remain at the scene

It is against the law to flee an accident scene that resulted in injuries, property damage, or fatalities in Utah and many other states. If you leave the scene, you can be liable for hit-and-run, which has a new set of issues.

Call for emergency medical assistance if necessary because extremely severe injuries are frequent in truck accidents. Wait there till the police arrive. Unless it’s in a dangerous place that could lead to another accident, keep your car in the exact position it was in before the collision.

Maintaining the accident scene will be made possible by not moving your car. In either case, turn on your danger lights. A police officer will examine the site, interview you, and document the accident.

Exchange information

Exchange these details with the other driver(s) while you’re still on the scene:

  • Name, contact information (phone, address, and email), and
  • Information about your insurance and your policy number
  • The number on a driver’s license

If the driver is operating an employer’s truck, you may obtain their employer’s name and contact details as their employer may eventually be responsible for your injuries.

Take pictures

In an accident case, photographic evidence is beneficial because it helps to preserve the scene even if it is later moved or changed. This includes:

  • The complete crash scene
  • Any identifying features of local landmarks that could serve as a location indicator
  • Injury to you and anybody else in your car
  • Damage to your car

Additionally, you should keep track of any changes to your injuries over time by taking additional photos or writing down any alterations. Images can demonstrate the severity of your wounds and the rehabilitation time.

Get medical attention

Get emergency medical aid if you or any accident victims have serious injuries requiring quick attention. Even if you do not think you need immediate care, you should still visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Talk to a truck accident attorney.

As a truck accident victim, you have the legal right to compensation, which a reputable attorney can fight for. Even if you believe you contributed to the collision, click here to see how a lawyer can help you. They can examine the specifics of the incident and provide their legal opinion on how you should proceed.


Avoiding a truck accident is almost impossible, but what you do after matters a lot. Knowing what to do helps safeguard your rights.