What Steps Should You Take If A Driver Has Hit Your Parked Car?

Drivers are warned to be cautious while driving on the road and follow precautions to ensure the safety of those around them and themselves. However, even if your car is appropriately parked in a designated area, it may be hit by someone driving negligently. After such an accident, you may be confused regarding what action you must take and what compensation you can receive. 

Consult an experienced Rockford car accident lawyer who assesses your case and helps you follow the right steps to seek fair compensation. Their expertise enables you to avoid any mistakes and be well-informed about every step of the procedure. They can help you understand the complex laws that affect your settlement and how to navigate them. 

What are the proper steps you must take after such an incident?

  • Seek medical care. 

If you were in the car while it was parked and hit by a negligent driver, you are at risk of suffering several injuries. You must seek medical assistance immediately for prompt diagnosis and treatment. You can prevent your injuries from worsening and also detect any slowly developing injuries that may affect you in the future. 

  • File a report. 

Contact the police and report the accident to them. Provide them with any relevant information and details they may need. Obtain a copy of the report since it contains essential information such as the officer’s findings after investigating the accident scene that can be used to strengthen your case. Also, inform your insurance company about the accident. 

  • Note down contact details. 

Often, drivers leave their contact information on a note after hitting a car or remain at the scene. Ask them for their details such as their name, phone number, address, and insurance information such as policy number and agency. Also, note their license number, plate number, and car model. 

  • Gather evidence. 

Evidence is fundamental for your case since it enables you to determine the negligent party’s liability and prove your damages. Take pictures and videos of your external injuries, property damage, and accident scene. Look for any witnesses and collect their contact information. If there were any surrounding surveillance cameras, obtain a copy of the footage. 

Navigating a parked car accident claim can be challenging without the presence of a qualified attorney guiding you and providing you with advice. Your lawyer in Rockford understands your distress regarding your future because of the accident and helps you seek the compensation you deserve.