What Tools Do You Need to Install Artificial Grass?

When laying artificial grass it is important to use the right tools. This will help ensure your garden looks great and that the job is completed properly. Below we have highlighted some of the key tools that you will need to install and maintain your new lawn.

The first tool you will need is a turf cutter. This is a piece of equipment that can be hired from most tool hire shops. It cuts the existing natural grass into consistent strips making removing it much easier and faster than doing it by hand. It also makes the process less backbreaking.

Next up is a wheelbarrow, this is the best tool for transporting the aggregates and other materials needed for preparing the base of your new garden. It is especially useful if you are planning to lay more than one area of artificial grass. It will allow you to transport your turf and other materials easily and quickly between locations.

A plate compactor is another essential tool for installing artificial grass as it can be used to compact the final layer of aggregates, or sub-base. This step is a crucial part of the installation as it will ensure that your new garden stands up to heavy traffic and wear. Without this tool the sub-base will become loose and could cause damage to your new artificial lawn.

Before laying the new turf you will need to prepare the ground by hosing and sweeping it thoroughly. This will ensure that any weeds and debris are removed, and that the surface is clean and ready for laying. It is a good idea to hire a mini digger for this job, as it will make the task quicker and easier than doing it manually with a shovel.

Once the base is laid and the turf is installed you will need to brush the infill with a power or push broom. This will ensure that all the infill is spread evenly and doesn’t show through the grass blades. This step will also help the grass stand up and look more natural.

After brushing the infill it is important to nail down any areas where the turf seams together. This will make sure that the seams are secure and doesn’t unravel over time. We recommend using the recommended type of artificial grass nails to achieve this.

Lastly, a carpet kicker is a tool that is very useful when it comes to gluing the seams of the turf. This is the most unforgiving stage of the installation, so it’s best to get it right the first time. It can be used on both natural and artificial grass, so it is a handy tool to keep in your shed!

Once you have all of the above tools, you’re ready to start laying your artificial lawn. If you’re not quite sure how to proceed, we’d recommend speaking to a professional who can give you some tips and advice. They will also be able to provide you with the quality of turf and the base that you need.