What you should know about solar water heating System

Solar energy is one of the most economical sources of energy. Of late, it’s being used in various fields such as lighting, water pumping, water heating, and some vehicles use solar energy. This article focuses on how solar is used to heat water.

It is a gadget used for heating water using solar energy. Unlike using hydroelectric energy for water heating, solar water heating is very economical because there is no bill to pay after use. It is also has a natural source that is the sun which is available and free all over the world.

Features of a solar water heater

A solar water heater consists of:

  • Thermal collector to collect solar energy
  • The insulated tank used to store hot water
  • Supporters to support it during installation
  • Connecting pipes to put in and out of the tank

How it works

The collector absorbs sun rays and converts them into heater energy. This heat energy is transferred to the insulated tank and becomes heated. The water circulates the collector and gains more heat. The tank is insulated to prevent heat loss. This is the principle under-functioning of a solar water heating system.

Characteristics of a good solar water heater

  1. Efficient to capture solar radiation. The capability of the collector to collect solar radiation makes it produce a lot of heat thus the heating of the water is faster.
  2. Durability. The life expectancy of the solar heater is very important and it’s advantageous to the user. Its expectancy is approximately 15 years.
  3. High-quality metal of the conductor. This increases the thermal conductivity of the collector.
  4. The solar heater should be innovative in such a way that it takes the advantage of the new technology thus increasing its efficiency.
  5. High-quality tank. The water tank should be made of high-quality materials since its the one that stores the heated water. In case it is made of poor quality material, the water may lose heat.

Things to consider when buying a solar water heater

  • Materials – a good solar water heater should be made of high-quality materials to enhance its efficiency.
  • There are different models for solar water heaters. You should always take note of which model is the best before buying.
  • Different solar water heaters have different tanks that can hold different capacities. You always consider the capacity of water you require so that you buy one that can hold such capacity.
  • Price is the main determinant when buying any product thus you should go for a solar water heater that suits your pocket.


We can conclude by saying that solar heaters are great when it comes to saving as one only cost for the purchasing, installation and maintenance cost. When doing your purchase, always do a proper market research to ensure you don’t end up purchasing a counterfeit or being overcharge; ensure you buy a quality solar heater at the most affordable price. For more information visit this site: isaimini