Which Is Better Fashion Design or Fashion Communication

The fashion industry is growing at a fast rate. And as it expands, many different career opportunities have emerged. For creative individuals with a flair for design and aesthetic sense, it is hard to choose between a fashion design course and a fashion communication course.

If you’re one such person, you’re in the right place. Here we will take a deep dive into both lines so that you can choose the one that best aligns with you and your career aspirations.

Scope of Fashion Design

Fashion design as a career has become immensely popular in the past recent years. Many institutions offer fashion designing courses because of the growing demand among young, creative individuals. With Manish Malhotra becoming a household name, this field is slowly becoming a mainstream career in the country.

Individuals who enjoy working with different fabrics and materials and have a passion for challenging fashion norms with an eye for good style are best suited for this field. If we just described you, then you should give this career a second look. But not before you explore fashion communication.

Scope of Fashion Communication

It often takes years for fashion houses to build brand identity among the masses. And this is all because there has existed no clear strategy to communicate with consumers until now. Fashion communication has emerged as a response to the need of fashion brands to gain visibility and maximise impact. This upcoming space has further gained prominence due to the digital revolution.

The scope of fashion communication is immense. Through social media platforms, professionals can access their target audience conveniently and economically. Furthermore, connecting with like-minded individuals from the industry and collaborating with them also helps build your business.

If you decide to study a fashion communication course, some career avenues lie with,

  • Trend Forecast Studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Production Houses
  • Fashion Photography Studios
  • Publishing Houses

The career opportunities offered by this field are not limited to this list. Since it is a developing part of the fashion industry, there are many genres of this space that are yet to be explored. If you decide to pursue a fashion communication course today, you could be its Miuccia Prada of the future.

If you’re someone who is creative and has a knack for creating and promoting content, this might be your calling.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both fashion design and fashion communication are great career choices for those interested in the fashion industry. But it all comes down to what suits you and your career goals. If you enjoy working with fabrics and making new, revolutionary outfits, a fashion design course is what you should pursue.

But if you enjoy creating content like fashion blogs, videos and articles and working on social media platforms, a fashion communication course is for you. This upcoming fashion field is growing, and you could be part of it.Enroll in a communication course with a top institute like Pearl Academy and take your career to new heights.

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