Who Should Be Held Liable For A Hit And Run Truck Accident Case?

In a hit-and-run truck accident case, the truck river escapes from the crash scene after hitting the vehicle on the road. These types of cases are traumatic for the victim, and when the trucker flees away from the accident scene, it complicates the matter and causes substantial stress. Every year, trucks like 18-wheelers are involved in thousands of accident cases that prove fatal. In Manhattan, KS Truck Accident Attorney can help you collect evidence of a hit and run truck accident case.

Who should be held liable for a hit-and-run truck accident case?

In some cases, drunk drivers who use meth to stay awake will not stop at the crash scene. But hit and run cases also happen when drivers:

  1. Lose their operating license of truck company
  2. Have no insurance or underinsured
  3. Have no driving license
  4. Fear of facing charges
  5. Illegally operating the vehicle

Whatever be the case, the trucker who caused the crash with another vehicle and ran away from the crash scene can be arrested and held liable for the case. Mentioned below are the ones who can be held responsible for a hit-and-run truck accident case.

The truck driver

The drivers are often held responsible for their truck, whether it is loaded or empty. The drivers often work overtime and become tired of driving thousands of miles each week to meet deadlines, which means they do not get the minimum time to rest. They stay under so much pressure that they have to violate hours of service regulations, putting limits on the number of hours they drive each week. Mostly fatigued drivers cause mistakes and engage in dangerous behaviors that increase the risk of people who drive on the road. The causes of accidents are

  1. Distracted driving
  2. Ignoring signals
  3. Drug abuse to stay awake
  4. Failure to address their medical problems that affect their ability to drive
  5. Overspeeding

Trucking company

The trucking companies are responsible for hiring qualified drivers and training them according to state and federal regulations. The company should test the drivers for drugs and alcohol during service regulations. Trucking companies can be held liable if they hire inexperienced drivers who lack proper qualifications, drug use, and violation of service regulations.

Cargo and loading company

The cargo loading company is responsible for securely loading the trucks and verifying the cargo which s provided by the supplier. It may sound simple, but the employees in the loading companies can neglect their duty and load the trailers improperly. In this way, it increases the risk of accidents.