10 Famous Celebrities Who Have Been Arrested For a DUI

It’s a publicist’s worst nightmare, especially when their client has a squeaky clean public image. We’re talking about the dreaded DUI charge. From time to time, news headlines are dominated by a celebrity’s mugshot after they are arrested and jailed when they are caught driving while under the influence. Many celebrities, from Tiger Woods to Justin Bieber, have been arrested for driving when they shouldn’t have.

Every celebrity tackles the issue in their own way. Some will pay a large fine, while others (like Michelle Rodriguez) exchange community service instead of being locked up. Then, there’s some very embarrassing ways some celebrities handle it.

Driving under the influence is dangerous, which goes without saying. It can cause harm to yourself and/or others. A lot of the time, it results in a car accident, which we all would like to avoid. If you are involved in an accident, reach out to a local lawyer. In NYC, call an accident lawyer nyc, or an accident lawyer Paterson NJ if it happened in Paterson, New Jersey.

Below are 10 celebrities who posed for mug shots after being arrested for DUI, which are the only kind of headshot that actors despise. Read on to find more info on each.


Justin Bieber was just 19 years old when he received his first DUI. It took place in Miami Beach, where he was also arrested for resisting arrest and driving without a license. Miami Police said Bieber was “belligerent” and used colorful language during his police interaction. The pop star would later plead guilty to the charges. Although he must’ve been angry, in his mugshot, he has a huge smile on his face.


Actress Lindsay Lohan has been arrested many times, and her mugshots may be combined into a montage of orange-clad pics of Lohan. Lohan was busted on a DUI charge in 2007, but didn’t learn her lesson. She was caught for another DUI, cocaine possession, and driving on a suspended license two months later. She pleaded guilty to misdemeanor cocaine possession and drove while intoxicated. While Lindsay has been at the center of controversy often, these days her arrests are few and far between.


The original “influencer”, Paris Hilton, was hit with a DUI charge in 2006. Apparently, she was on her way to In-N-Out Burger when she was pulled over, during which she informed officers she had a single margarita on an empty stomach. Hilton eventually pled guilty to reckless driving and received a $1,500 fine, as well as an ordered to attend alcohol classes and three-year probation.


Actress Mischa Barton was pulled over just two days after Christmas in the middle of the night. Police spotted her crossing two lanes of traffic and failing to indicate a turn, so she was pulled over and ultimately arrested for DUI and driving without a license. Barton would post $10,000 bail and released an apology through the media.


Michelle Rodriguez got very dramatic when she was pulled over in late 2005 in Hawaii, telling police officers to just “shoot me!” The actress pleaded guilty to DUI and spent 5 days in jail instead of picking community service. She also paid a small fine of $500. It wasn’t Rodriguez’s first encounter with the law. She had a prior DUI in 2003 and a hit-and-run in 2007, for which she received a 180-day term after breaching probation.


Nicole Richie, daughter of musician Lionel Richie, was hit with a DUI offense in 2006 while driving in Burbank, California. It wasn’t hard for police to catch her since she was driving down a major highway in the wrong direction. Richie admitted to the allegations and pleaded guilty.


Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2014. Reports said she stopped for a red light, but did so in the center of the intersection. Though she was cooperative, she was obviously drunk. Bynes was arrested, but not prosecuted because Los Angeles authorities chose not to pursue the DUI allegation.


Golf superstar Tiger Woods was arrested in 2017 on what was believed to be a DUI charge. Woods said there was no alcohol involved and blamed prescription medication instead. He wasn’t lying either. Woods’ blood alcohol level was .000 in two tests, according to the police report. At just after 2 a.m., police discovered him sleeping behind the wheel of his running vehicle, which was stopped in the right lane. Woods admitted to driving recklessly and pleaded guilty.


Mel Gibson was charged with a misdemeanor drunk driving offense in Malibu, California back in 2006. Reports said Gibson asked whether the arresting officer was Jewish, spouting a profanity before adding that Jews were responsible for all wars in history. He was given a three-year probationary term, but also a lot of backlash for his comments.


Aaron Carter was arrested on suspicion of DUI and marijuana possession in 2017. Police spotted Carter behind the wheel driving erratically. However, Carter claimed he was detained for being aggressive in an AutoZone shop. He was arrested and later released on bond.