6 Best Learning Websites to Acquire New Skills

Learning is a life-long process. No matter what career path you choose, you constantly need to upskill yourselfin order to succeed. You need to get additional education and training to brush up on your current knowledge and build upon your current skill set. One way to do so is via online learning.

In recent times, online learning has evolved drastically. The internet has played a vital role in this evolution. There is now a huge amount of information available at our fingertips. Whether you want to learn basic coding or sharpen your analytical skills, there are a number of platforms available online that can help you acquire new skills or build on your current ones. In this article, we’ll talk about six learning websites that have empowered millions of people around the world to develop new skills.


Coursera offers a wide range of online courses from different universities like Stanford, Duke, Yale, and world-leading companies like Google, IBM, and Facebook. The price of each course varies but there is an audit option for a variety of courses, which allows you to take them for free. Most courses include video lectures, graded assignments, reading material, projects, and quizzes. If you opt for the paid version, and want to seek guidance over what is data science, then you can even receive a certification upon completion of the course.


This is another online learning platform that offers courses in a range of academic fields from many universities and organizations. Some of its top affiliated universities include Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley. You can take the online classes for free but in order to receive a verified certification, you need to pay the platform.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is an incredible aid for both job seekers and working professionals. It offers more than 16000+ courses taught by experts. You can access an array of courses just by subscribing to LinkedIn premium. The courses are divided into multiple sub-topics and each topic is explained via a video. Once you complete a course, you can add it to your LinkedIn resume, and demonstrate to prospective employers that you are proactive about learning.

Skill Success

Skill success offers 2000+ learning videos based on different topics ranging from business communication to career development. The platform offers a 30 day trial period during which you are given free access to the videos. You can even learn skills like photography on this platform.


Lynda offers around 4000+ video-based courses taught by industrial professionals. The courses can help developers, data analysts, programmers, marketers, designers, video editors, supply chain managers, and project managers enhance their technical skills. This platform does not offer free courses. There is a monthly subscription of $29.99 including a one-month free trial.

Upon completion of a course, you will be given a digitally generated certificate which would have your name and the course name on it.


This is one of the best online learning websites for data science and programming. It is developed by tech giants, AT&T, Facebook, Google, Salesforce, and Cloudera. It offers various courses on coding, programming languages, artificial intelligence, robotics, and nano degree. It is a very helpful tool for web developers, mobile app developers, and data analysts. Each program is divided into units explained via video lectures and it costs up to $200 per month to access these lectures.

On a Concluding Note

What online learning platform you choose depends on what skills you are building on or what your career path is. But before you choose any platform you need to make sure you have a reliable and high-speed internet connection to access these platforms online and to watch video lectures without any hindrances. Spectrum gold package are tailored to fit different internet requirements of a variety ofusers. It not only offers high-speed internet but also provides online protection, calling features, and an extensive variety of TV channels. There are multiple all-in-one packages for you to choose from.