6 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

With over 800,000 Americans residing in assisted living communities, the need for such facilities is rapidly increasing. In addition, 7 out of 10 people will require assisted living facilities at some point in their lives. By 2040, this number is expected to rise by at least one million. With this growing need for assisted living communities, there are over 28,000 active facilities. This makes it quite daunting to choose one from the many assisted living communities near me. However, here are six questions to ask when choosing a senior living community.

1. How Hospitable is the Community?

Assisted living communities near me, like Mansions Senior Living are facilities whose sole focus is to make the lives of seniors comfortable. So, your first question should be how the community welcomes a new resident. The first days significantly impact how the new resident feels about the community. Ask the community’s staff what to expect and the support systems they have in place that ease adjusting to the new environment. For instance, they may have questionnaires to help them understand the new resident. Also, ask them about their engagement with new residents and how much time they spend with them in the first weeks.

2. How Qualified is the Community’s Staff?

Assisted living communities near me host seniors with different needs. As such, they must have a team of professionals rigorously trained to address the residents’ needs. And since you want what’s best for you, do not shy from asking about the team’s qualifications. Well-trained staff heavily contribute to happy living in the community. Also, ask about the community’s compliance with industry standards on caregiving.

3. How Many Residents Does the Community Have?

It is important to know a community’s capacity before choosing it. This figure helps you pinpoint red flags like too many residents and a small team of professionals. Regardless of how well-trained the team is, they are prone to overwhelm and inefficiency if the ratio of residents to staff is way unproportional. Depending on your needs, you may need 24/7 care which may only be possible where a community’s staff is balanced with its residents.

4. Is 24/7 Care Available?

You also need to know whether there is on-site staff around the clock. The ideal community should have teams working at night and during the day to ensure residents receive 24/7 care to boost their wellness, health, and happiness. Asking this question allows you to ensure you receive the care you need every day.

5. What Meals Do They Offer?

The ideal assisted living community should have a wide variety of dining options. Ask them about meal planning, menu, and meal styles like family-style or buffet. This helps you get a glimpse of the type of nutrition you will be exposed to during your stay in the community.

6. Are There Activities for Seniors?

Most assisted living communities have activities for seniors. However, you can ask about the type of activities available to ensure you keep fit and engaged. The ideal community should have popular activities and other diverse ones that you can try out.


Assisted living communities near me don’t have to be boring and lonely places. Ask all the questions you have to ensure you or your loved one gets the perfect place for the care you require.