6 Tips to Feel Confident in your Body this Summer

Picture the perfect summer day. You’re with your favorite people. Maybe you do something adventurous, or maybe you just relax. Basically, all of your worries melt away faster than a popsicle on a 100 degree day. The last thing you should be worrying about is feeling confident in your skin.

When summer finally arrives, so does pressure about your beach body, summer tan, and overall appearance. It can be difficult with so many external factors and expectations. The key is confidence, and being confident is a lot easier than it sounds. Here are six tips if you’re looking to gain confidence this summer.

1. Clear Up Your Complexion

In the summer months, it’s not uncommon to be a minimalist and only wear sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer. Wearing less makeup is easy when you’re a little bit sunkissed. Plus, it can feel good to give your skin a break from heavy makeup. At the same time, less makeup means you won’t be able to cover up any skin blemishes that you may be self conscious about.

Before summer is in full swing, try to clear up your complexion. Doing so will make you feel more confident than ever. Whether you struggle with dark circles, wrinkles, sun spots, or acne, there are dozens of treatments out there. You can also seek advice from a professional to find a prescription acne treatment that’s right for you.

2. Perfect Your Summer Skincare Routine

Once you have a clear complexion that you feel confident about, work on creating the perfect summer skincare routine next. Having a good skincare routine is key to ensuring that you feel confident in your own skin. Without the right routine, you may not be able to prevent skin imperfections like acne, redness, and signs of aging.

A summer skincare routine should include lots of SPF, moisturizer, and a good cleanser. Dermatologists also recommend exfoliating once or twice a week. In the summertime, you sweat more, resulting in clogged pores. By exfoliating, you’ll unclog your pores and reduce blemishes. Additionally, consider investing in a vitamin C serum to prevent hyperpigmentation.

3. Express Yourself With New Wardrobe Pieces

Once you feel confident in your skin (literally), focus on other things that make you look and feel great. A wardrobe refresh is a perfect place to start. But don’t just buy pieces that are the most luxurious or seem to be the most in style. Buy pieces that feel the most like you.

You’ll feel the most confident when you’re dressing stylish and showcasing your personality at the same time. A large part of confidence is being comfortable in who you are, and clothing is a tool to show the world your likes and interests. Fashion is an art, which provides you with an opportunity to be creative. Use that opportunity, and make a statement.

4. Practice Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy isn’t always about losing weight. Sometimes, changing up the way you eat is more about how it will make you feel. As summer quickly approaches, try to incorporate a variety of foods in your diet and limit junk food. The foods you eat should include a good mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

What you eat impacts your energy levels since all foods are converted to energy at different rates. Candy and other foods with high sugar content give you a quick rush, but then you crash. Whole grains and healthy fats, on the other hand, provide you with energy all day. Paying close attention to what you eat can make you feel more energized and productive, increasing confidence too.

5. Find Enjoyable Ways to Stay Active

Staying active can have the same effect as eating healthy in terms of how it makes you feel. It’s not always about physique and shredding the pounds. Ask a handful of people why they enjoy working out, and you’ll likely hear, “it makes me feel good.” Being active can make you feel good, and it doesn’t need to be with the purpose of getting your body ready for the beach.

Find things that you enjoy to get your body moving. Whether that be going on runs outside or doing pilates, just find something you love and commit to it. The summer is also a great time to enjoy cooling off in a pool. The activity you choose can improve your mental health. Also, research shows that there is a direct correlation between physical activity and self-esteem.

6. Learn to Love Yourself, Flaws and All

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Everyone has imperfections, but you won’t know true self-love until you learn to accept those flaws. With self-love comes confidence, and with both of these things comes better quality of life. It’s easier said than done, but start small.

For example, you could start with a gratitude journal. Start each day by writing out things that you’re thankful for, what you’re proud of, and your goals. The simple act of speaking things into existence makes them more real and can do wonders for your confidence.

When summertime comes around, it’s important to feel confident in your own skin. Just because the winter season was long and dreadful doesn’t mean you can’t turn over a new leaf. It might require a little bit of work. At the end of the day, as long as you’re doing what makes you happy, you’ll feel your best. And feeling happy and being confident go hand-in-hand.