8 things that are affecting your periods

Even if life is not consistent, you want your periods to be. There are already so many problems that women have to navigate in their everyday life and adding period problems to the mix is life getting too real.

While for some women, the issue of irregular periods pokes its heads, whereas for others, it is the flow or the pain that is the problem.

There are many factors that can be behind such changes, and finding them is important to resolve the issue, alongside of course, working with your gynecologist doctor in Lahore.

Some common problems that can cause changes to your periods include:

1. Drugs

Certain prescription drugs can also cause there to be changes to your cycle. Any medication that works by causing changes to your hormones can lead to issues with the periods. But don’t stop taking the medication because it is changing your cycle, instead, report the issue to your doctor.

2. Life changes

Any life events can also have an impact on your menstrual cycle. For example, if you move to a different place with a different time zone, alter your diet greatly etc., there can be changes to your cycle.

3. Sleep problems

Sleep plays a crucial part role in your wellbeing. Lack of sufficient and timely shuteye can cause very many issues around the body, including the risk of chronic ailments like depression, heart disease, and even problems with periods.

So, make sure that you protect your sleep. It is important that you follow the circadian rhythm; sleep during the night and stay up during day.

4. Starting or stopping birth control

There can be changes to the cycle if you start a hormonal birth control, as it works by altering your cycles. Similarly, when you get off one as well, your cycle can take some time to adjust and thus you can expect some months of your cycle being awry.

5. Stress

There is little benefit that stress brings to you. Of course, since it is a part of our natural survival response, when moderated, stress can be good.

However, it is when it becomes chronic that it can be dangerous for your health. Alongside posing issues most of the organs in your body, stress can also have an impact on your reproductive health as well.

Months when you take too much stress can also cause your periods to go MIA, or issues otherwise. It is a signal that you must take steps to improve your mental health.

You should talk to a mental health expert for to help with stress moderation.

6. Too much exercise

Yes, there can be bad impact of exercise on your body as well. When regulated, exercise helps in keeping your physical and your mental health in a better shape.

However, when you overdo the exercise, it can cause your hormones to go haywire. Women who partake in rigorous exercise are more likely to experience missing periods.

7. Changes to the weight

Problems and changes to your weight, especially when drastic, can cause there to be problems with periods as well. Women who gain a lot of weight and are obese are at a higher risk of developing period problems.

Similarly, women who are underweight can also face problems with their periods; missing periods is a common issue underweight women face.

8. Age

Girls who are just starting out their periods, or women who are coming closer to their period journey are more likely to face period problems.

With girls, it may take years to become consistent. Once they become regular, things tend to become easier. With menopause, the ride can be slightly tricker.

The hormonal changes can posit problems with flow. The cycle can also become shorter. There can also be greater irregularity, but you can work with your doctor at Altamash General Hospital to manage your condition better.