8 Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Your eyes are great assets to appreciate the world differently. Eyes are windows to the world, you get to appreciate hues, colors, and have a different level of memory when you see things. Having said that, your eyes should be showered with extra care. A long list of factors that damage your eyes are readily available on the internet, such as unhealthy habits, stress, environmental factors, and age. While the effects of aging are inevitable, you have a lot of options to slow it down, and you must discuss this with your eye doctor. If you’re living nearby, you may consider exploring or finding a professional optometrist in Melbourne to help you take care of your eyes.

Regular and proper eye care habits should not be overlooked and should be practiced consistently in order to prevent eye problems. Don’t worry, these are practical and easy ways to maintain. If you want to explore these tips, keep reading.

8 Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

1. Put Your Hands Off Your Eyes.

Your hands are your companions in every task you do, hence you cannot avoid them being infected or a carrier of dirt, germs, dust, or bacteria which can harm your eyes. All of these can be transferred with a single pat or rub on your eyes. So, put your hands off your eyes and avoid rubbing them to prevent possible infection and irritation. If this habit is so hard to stop, you may discuss this with your optometrist in Melbourne.

2. Work Well With Technology

Because the pandemic has forced most of the population to work remotely with the aid of technology, computers, phones, and other gadgets have become part of our lives. Long exposure to these may harm your eyes, so it is important that you take precaution to how you use them. It is recommended that screens are best positioned about an arm’s length from your eye level. This position will prevent your eyes from being strained. In addition, proper lighting and sufficient lights are factors you should also consider in working. Make sure there’s an even distribution of light to prevent glare and stress to your eyes.

3. Remember the Triple 20 rule

The triple 20 rule is believed to be a great help in preventing eye stress and problems when working with technology.  This magic rule instructs you the following:

Every 20 minutes, you must look away from your screen and look for an object 20 feet away. You must also blink 20 times to prevent eye dryness. Additionally, every 20 minutes, you should get up from your position and take 20 steps back and forth. This will not only give a break to your eyes but will also improve blood circulation.

4. Invest On Proper Eye Gears

Your eyes are great assets to how you accomplish anything in life so make sure to protect them at all cost. If you love swimming, you should consider wearing goggles to avoid particles or chemicals like chlorine into your eyes. On the other hand, if you tend to do menial work or gardening, safety glasses should be used to protect your eyes from possible injury.In addition, sunglasses are very essential when going out on a sunny day since UV rays may cause harm to them. Once neglected, long exposure to the sun may cause temporary blindness. You can talk and explore options that will fit your lifestyle with your optometrist in Melbourne.

5. Rest

Just like any other thing in the world, your eyes too, get tired, hence the need to rest is essential. Your eyes need to be recharged and this happens when you sleep and rest. So get proper and adequate length and quality of sleep to take care of your eyes.

6. A Healthy Diet to the Rescue

Just like what everyone says, a healthy diet has a long list of benefits and protecting your eyes is one. Human diseases like diabetes, obesity, and hypertension are some factors that greatly damage your eyes. Consider increasing your intake of foods rich in copper, Vitamin A, E, C, and beta carotene. You can discuss healthy options in one of your visits with your optometrist in Melbourne.

7. Stay Hydrated

You probably heard of the importance of drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated. Staying hydrated improves and regulates body fluids, hence a good effect on your eye fluids as well. Never let your eyes dry, so stay hydrated always.

8. Regular Check-up for your Eyes

An annual visit to your optometrist in Melbourne or wherever you are in the world is highly recommended to maintain the health of your eyes. Eye doctors will aid in caring for your eyes through administering vision and eye health tests. Based on the test results, a specific and proper treatment approach will be given to you.