A quick guide to choosing the best movies for your child

Searching for children’s movies is not very easy, as there is a wide variety. Parents try to look for movies that are fun, healthy, and educational.

Within the diversity of movies, certain aspects must be taken into account to choose the ones that are most correct for the little ones. The most recommended are Christmas movies, funny movies, and adventure movies.

Tips for choosing movies for your child 

Ask yourself before choosing the cinema for kids; it is good to find out what it is about, what the characters are like, and who acts in it. This way you will know the quality of the film.

Take into account what children like. Try that the film can be understood by the children, according to their age and maturity, because otherwise, the children would get lost and will not understand the story. Sometimes it is not necessary to look for an educational movie; a funny movie is the best to release tension.

What are the best movies for your child?

The Goonies: A film that brings together talents like Richard Donner, Spielberg, and Chris Columbus. The plot of the film consists of a group of children looking for a pirate’s treasure, and with this, they help the Mike and Brand family to save their house from being demolished.

How to Find Nemo: This movie shows the love of a father for his son. Nemo is a clown fish caught by divers and his father does everything possible to find him.

Toy Story: Although the first film was released in 1995, the story is more current than ever. It’s about a bunch of toys that come to life when their owner ‘Andy’ isn’t home, and have lots of funny and entertaining adventures.

The Neverending Story: It’s about Bastian Bux, a young man who is constantly attacked by bullies from his school. His father always scolds him for daydreaming, but he seeks refuge in a bookstore, where he finds a mysterious book that is part of the story.

Inside Out: It is an animated comedy film. Demonstrates the power of emotions and thoughts. It contains a nice message and very funny characters.

Wall-E: It is a story of the future, it indicates that the humans left the earth in a ship called Axiom, and only a small robot called Wall-E that is dedicated to collecting waste to clean the planet.

The Lion King: Recounts the life of Simba, a brave and determined little lion, who loses his father as a result of his uncle’s bad feelings. But as a good Lion, he gathers strength and decides to go ahead and consolidate himself as the King of the Jungle.

How to train your dragon: It is about a young Viking named Hiccup and his great friendship with a dragon named Toothless.

Christmas movies

Christmas is the best time to share and spend time with children and watching movies is one of the best options and the most fun. In addition, Christmas movies for children promote togetherness, peace, and love. The best ones to enjoy are:

  • Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Muppets in Christmas stories.
  • Polar Express.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas.

Comedy movies

Funny movies for children are the ideal ones to have a good time entertaining, they are also their favorites since what they like most is to have fun and laugh. Mulan, Minions, The Incredibles, Shrek, Ralph the devastating.

Adventure movies

Adventure movies help children to awaken their imagination and creativity, and make them see that they can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. The best movies that you should not miss are the following: Jungle Cruise, Petter Rabbit 2, The call of the wild, Flying together.