About Cuemath – An Online Education Platform With A Difference

Learning any subject especially mathematics in a fun and playful manner right from the very early years keeps the child fully engaged without losing concentration and maintaining the required attention. It is gaining widespread popularity globally among parents and their kids who are keen to bring maths to their life in the form of games and activities. About Cuemath, it is a student-friendly online education platform that focuses on not just bookish knowledge that needs to be done as per the school but something more to it. It is a program where the kids are taught about the “What” and “Why” behind every mathematical and Biology Past Papers and Answers.

About Cuemath – STEM Accredited Curriculum

At Cuemath, the expert faculty specialised in their fields believe that every child has the natural mathematical power that needs to be tapped in the right manner and given the correct direction so that they are in a position to achieve and boost their confidence level. The curriculum has been designed as per STEM accreditation with a unique teaching methodology that believes in healthy interaction between the teacher and the student at the same time. Here not only the videos are being shown but the kids are made to think how it is going to happen or take place rather than just spoon-feeding all the time.
The 1:1 or group instructions are not based on any particular book as such but in the manner of puzzles, interactive visuals that help the child to apply logic, give reasons, and critical thinking that will not just help them solve the current mathematical problem but apply the same in real life as well. The learning pace of the student following the course makes a big difference as the experts here are more concerned with the learning of the concept rather than the completion of the concept.

Thinkers And Problem Solvers of Tomorrow

Such kids who are taught maths engagingly would go on to develop out-of-the-box thinking. They won’t study for marks but more so for developing an insight into the subject that would open up many fields for them in the future. Once they get a hang of the subject, they will love to practice it more often, without fearing the same, as well as discovering the other side of maths that is generally not visible to many.

In a nutshell, the basic idea behind Cuemath is that maths is not just a subject to be taught in school but for life skills that will help them build mental aptitude and creative reasoning side by side with the right focus on the school curriculum as well. This way they won’t miss out on anything and will always be in a profitable position.

Measures of Central Tendency – Central Value of the Data

A measure of central tendency is a central or typical value for a probability distribution. Informally or in a layman’s language, they are often called averages. The central tendency is stated as the statistical measure that represents the single value of the entire distribution or a dataset. It aims to provide an accurate description of the entire data in the distribution. In statistics, it is the descriptive summary of a data set. Through the single value from the dataset, it reflects the centre of the data distribution. Moreover, it does not provide information regarding individual data from the dataset, where it gives a summary of the dataset.

The central tendency of the dataset can be found using the three important measures namely mean, median, and mode. They act as the most common measures of central tendency.

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