An In Depth Look at Solar Water Heaters

Meta description: The ratio of power supply to human consumption is gradually becoming uneven. Hence solar heaters are highly recommended because they come as a relief in this era. Let’s get on board and discuss how solar heaters have impacted Kenyan citizens at large and how their prices play a major role in their purchase and installation.

Are you looking for ways to curb the consistent high electric bill? Look no further as solar heaters come as a relief to the life of the average man. Solar heaters are eco-friendly systems that convert solar radiation into usable heat energy. The radiation is absorbed through the transfer liquid which is then pumped through a heat exchanger that transfers the energy to the water heater system. These systems come in two types: pressurized and non-pressurized.

Whether pressurized or non -pressurized the solar water heater price in Kenya vary depending on the size, type, and manufacturing company. The larger the size, the larger the amount you will spend because you will require a large space and large tanks. Some companies might charge installation fees while others might do it for free, it all depends on the policy of the company. Their prices widely affect their purchase but they don’t render us oblivious to their vast advantages, and as every coin has a two-sided to it their disadvantages too.

Advantages of solar heaters

Eco-friendly -Unlike fossil fuels which emit toxic gasses such as nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon dioxide which are hazardous to human health, solar heaters are solely dependent on the sun’s thermal energy, which is a natural source of heat and light. Hence they do not emit toxic substances to the environment.

Renewable energy -The sun, which rises from the east and sets to the west, is an infinite source of energy, and that’s what guarantees a consistent supply of energy to solar heaters.

Cost-effective – solar heaters use less energy and less space. With solar heaters, you can cut off and reduce the electricity bill, which is a relief.

Low maintenance cost-solar heaters do not have moving parts henceforth they are not prone to friction, they are fixated on the roof in one place. This in turn lowers its maintenance cost. Their life expectancy on average is rated at 20 years.

Disadvantages of solar heaters

Relying on weather conditions-solar heaters are co-dependent on solar radiation to function maximally. On foggy, cloudy, and rainy days, it doesn’t function well or not function completely.

High initial cost- the purchase and installation of these eco-friendly systems can be very expensive hence discouraging to the common man.

Solar heaters only heat, they do not provide other uses like light and power to run other things.


Solar heaters help reduce power shortages and high energy bills. They are also eco-friendly systems that provide us with energy without polluting our environment, unlike most energy-giving sources. Their high prices can be a hindrance but it does not outweigh their advantages. The use of solar heaters should be encouraged because they enable one to get consistent renewable energy more healthily for minimum duration of about twenty years without maintenance expenses.

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