An Outstanding Tale Of PDF

Over the years, PDFs have gained popularity because of various reasons. PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and just like its name tells us, it is a portable document format. Portability means that documents can be transferred across various platforms and easily viewed without worrying too much about dependencies. PDFs are one of the most versatile file formats that can contain images, graphics, text, links and buttons, audio, video, form fields, and business logic. 

Though PDFs have an amazing set of features, it is a little difficult to edit them. You can use an online PDF editor to perform various operations on PDFs like splitting, merging, and more. 


It was in the year 1991 when Adobe launched a project called The Camelot Project, which was the first step toward the paper-to-digital era. Cofounder of Adobe, Dr. John Warnock realized the need for more and more usage of digital documentation. The project aimed toward capturing or scanning the paper documents and sending the digitized version through various mediums. The intention was to make the transfer of documents faster and easier, instead of waiting for a post through postal service for the documents. In the year 1992, PDF was developed. After dedicated work of three years, the file format PDF was released in the mid-year of 1993. 

It was the great vision of Warnock, that revolutionized the world of online documentation. No one would have imagined how information transfer and management would become so easier with the launch of PDF. The file format was declared an open standard in the year 2008 after Adobe gave the format to International Organization for Standardisation (ISO). 


There are many features that make pdf merge wins the race over other file formats. 

  • Security

Security is the prime concern when you transfer documents online. PDFs can be password protected before sharing and access to passwords can be given to only authorized people.

  • Compression

Another issue with transferring files online is their huge size. PDFs can be easily compressed by decreasing the quality. The compressed file takes less space and time in sharing.

  • Compatibility

PDFs are easily compatible with different browsers, operating systems, and versions. Their content can be viewed in the exact same manner, which makes them also the most reliable file formats. And it can also be converted to other file formats like PDF to Word conversion is an easy task.


There is no doubt in the fact that PDFs are one of the best file formats ever invented. Working with this file format is easy and time-efficient.