Benefits of Geotargeting for Business

According to statistics for 2020 to 2022, the frequency of inquiries used for “sale/buy” + “nearby” in search engines has increased by 2.5 times. Therefore, modern strategies for promoting a business usually include setting up geotargeted advertising. The entrepreneurs may learn more about the possibilities of such promotion, for example, by using the link In short, geotargeted advertising helps increase the number of customers within a particular location.

What Should Entrepreneurs Know about Geotargeting?

Geotargeted ads are configured separately for each advertising system (for example, Google). Such platforms collect information about users. In the case of geotargeting, the consumer’s IP address is taken into account. The system determines the location of the user by applying the internet protocol. After that, the consumer begins to receive offers from nearby companies.

Setting the Target Audience

Different advertising systems suggest particular setting options. Among the most spread opportunities of such platforms, the experts note tracking of the consumers that:

  • are currently in a certain place;
  • live within a necessary area;
  • were in a particular place at a defined time;
  • regularly go through a certain area;
  • are currently in a necessary place as tourists.

Moreover, such systems are able to show the ads in a particular language depending on the region. Advertising in one’s mother tongue inspires more consumer confidence. The option can be helpful, for example, if there are several official languages in a country.

Main Types of Geotargeting

Experts notice numerous variations of such marketing technology. But the essential types are:

  1. Local targeting – the ads are sent within a town or a city. It also can be a large megalopolis suburb.
  2. Hyperlocal geotargeting – the advertisements are received by potential consumers of a certain city area.
  3. Advanced targeting – the audience is considered by search queries and regular location.

Each type of geotargeted advertising has its specific peculiarities. For example, the uncorrectable setting of the advanced targeting can waste money on applying promoting services. The business owner may get a high percentage of impressions without clicks. Therefore, the setting up of the geolocated ads should be trusted by reputable SEO organizations (e.g., Digital Muscle Limited).

Who Should Use Geotargeting?

Such targeting is a multipurpose promoting method. But the entrepreneurs first need to determine the right target audience. For example, geotargeted advertisements may be used by owners of:

  • public catering points – the advertisements are sent to people around a café or a restaurant;
  • trucking companies – residents of a certain city obtained the ads;
  • online stores – the advertisements are received by consumers that may be potentially interested in a particular good or service (it determines with the help of cookie files);    
  • clubs – the advertising mailing is usually carried out as part of the private parties or concerts promotions;
  • offline shops – residents of a particular region receive the ads.

Furthermore, geotargeting is commonly used to promote seasonal foods in some regions but year-round in others. Such a marketing approach may increase the sales by up to 25-50%. In some cases, the targeted advertisements help multiply the profits several times.