Benefits of Installing Decra Roofing System

Currently, most people are concerned about the look of the rooftop of their homes. When your home is decent, then you are happy. Are you looking for more information about this type of roofing? In this article, I will be discussing what it is and the benefits associated with it.

This type of roofing is a metal roof that is stone coated. The roofing system has come along with the innovation taking place in the whole world. Most people are happy to come across them because of various reasons that I will discuss below. Apart from being made with steel, there is a natural coating of a stone which makes it stronger and long-lasting.

Strong and light

When you see something is light, you term it as weak. In this case, they are light but very strong. This is because of the combination of steel coating and natural stone coating. The weight is seven kilograms when you measure in terms of a square meter.

Environment favorable

This type of roofing is very friendly to any weather be it rain or sun. During the rainy seasons, you can collect water that you can drink and use for other domestic purposes.


You may find that during the wind seasons, the rooftops are blown away and you are left homeless. With this roofing system, you do not have to worry that it is secure and the installation is done by professionals. They use the interlocking roofing method during installation making it safe and secure.

Different choices

Depending on the size of your pocket and the type of roofing, decra mabati prices in Kenya vary. There are different designs of this roofing so it depends on your budgetand your choice and preference. There are different colors you choose what is of interest to you.


Due to the steel core being coated with zinc on both sides, this roofing system is protected from any form of corrosion. The color of the roofs does not change even after long years of use. You may find that you used a roof that was green in color but within ten years it looks white. In this case that will not happen, it can last for 50 years and more.


Depending on the design of your roof, these roofs can be cut and bent easily without being destroyed. The decra roofing sheets prices kenya vary depending on the design of your roof. A roof with many designs, a higher amount will be charged unlike a roof with simpler designs. Any shape and angle can be roofed.

Easy to install

Installation of this roofing type is easy and quick. The installation team comes with all the material that is needed during the installation process. You do not need to run from one place to another looking for materials during this process.


It is the best thing to invest in a long-lasting product rather than keep purchasing occasionally. This saves you a lot of money. Strong, durable, and safe roofing is the happiness of a home.

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