Benefits of studying BA Journalism and Mass Communication

Do exploration, investigation, and networking excite you? If yes, choosing journalism and mass communication is the first step to building an exciting career. As the world continues to turn digital every day, the scope and benefits of studying journalism and mass communication are also on the rise.

From traveling different parts of the world to producing effective write-ups, a career in this field always extends the chances of growth excitingly and engagingly. Pursuing a BA in Journalismhelps you learn the relevant skills required to excel in the media field.

You might be wondering about the benefits of diving into the journalism and mass communication industry. Well, let’s look at some of them in detail.

Career opportunities

When choosing a course to study, our primary concern will be the career opportunities associated with it. If that’s the case with you, completing a journalism and mass communication degree presents a multitude of lucrative opportunities for you to explore. Some of the popular jobs in the sector are listed below.

  • Reporter

As a news/event reporter, you should investigate stories, write and present news stories, conduct interviews, and prepare reports on various international and national events.

  • Proof-reader

A proof-reader is assigned the responsibility of checking documents for grammatical or syntax errors before it is published.

  • Copywriter

The media industry requires copywriters to write copies for advertisements and other social media campaigns.

  • Public Relations Officer

Establishing networks through effective communication and developing the PR strategies of a company is the responsibility of this lucrative job role.

  • Political Risk Analyst

As a political risk analyst, you must study the social, political, and economic situations and help the organization in creating effective decision-making strategies.

Besides these popular career options, there are plenty of other opportunities awaiting journalism graduates in the media industry both in India and abroad.

Networking and growth possibilities

One of the important benefits of studying journalism and mass communication is acquiring the skill to build networks. Networking is an essential factor for growth in any industry. Meeting new people and places helps you learn and grow more in your respective field. It is also helpful in improving your communication skills and public speaking.

Scope for higher studies

Successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication makes you eligible for pursuing your higher studies in any field. You can opt for a postgraduate degree in the same field or explore more diverse fields with the help of this degree. Many reputed universities abroad such as Oxford and Harvard are offering scholarships for pursuing postgraduation in journalism.

The skills you learn during your undergraduate days are useful in many other fields such as law, content, marketing, etc. So, you also have the option to go for LLB, MA, MBA, etc. if you would like to divert to diverse fields.

Since the world is turning digital, new possibilities like mobile journalism are gaining popularity thereby increasing the prospects for journalism and mass communication graduates.