Best Comments for Girls Pictures on Social Media like Instagram

There are many girls and what to say about their photos is so good that we cannot live without commenting on them. Then how should you comment so that that girl becomes happy, gets impressed, and starts talking to you?

Best Comment for Girl Pictures posted on Instagram

Always try to compliment the girls with smiles. Girls love and like to get compliments of their smiles.

  • I would like to spend my life looking at you smiling
  • I am seduced by your smile
  • You are the smiliest person I’ve ever met in my life
  • Every time you look at me and smile, I feel loved
  • There is so much depth in your smile
  • I love to see you smiling when I wake up
  • Your smile is your lucky charm
  • Your smile touches something deep inside me
  • I forget the world when I see you smile
  • I forget myself when you smile
  • What a beautiful smile you have
  • Seeing you smile makes me smile
  • There is a twinkle in your eye when you smile
  • I sometimes see myself remember your smile, and it makes me smile too
  • Your smile is a ray of sunshine on a winters day
  • So good to see you get your smile back
  • You have such a touching and tender smile
  • Never stop smiling
  • How can I make you smile like this?
  • You have that Mona Lisa smile
  • I can feel how happy you are from your smile
  • People do stargazing; I like to do smile gazing

Girls love to hear their praises. But nothing occurs with such comments which people have frequently told them; you have to say what is true, something unique from others. Unique comments will make you special from all others. Learn all the tricks & apply.