Choosing a Dental Health and Dental Clinic in Istanbul

Since the mouth and teeth are the starting organs of the digestive system, they are the organs whose care and treatment should not be interrupted.

Although many criteria are taken into consideration for the protection of oral and dental health, as a result of biological and genetic factors, tooth decay, reduction or dental diseases may occur.

Due to the main reasons such as vitamin deficiency, caffeine and cigarette consumption, pregnancy, excessive sweet consumption, disruption of dental care and cleaning, weakening of tooth enamel over time can cause caries, and the tooth that loses its strength and protection loses its place.

Teeth that are not treated in time and cannot be saved are unfortunately doomed to decay and loss.

For this reason, the smallest bruise or pain should be under the supervision of a specialist dentist, without being ignored, and the necessary treatment methods should be applied without delay.

Of course, the preference of dentists who are experts in their field is important at this stage. Clinic choices as well as physicians are among the criteria that play an active role in the future of oral and dental health.

Working with an institutionalized, well-established clinic will both gain a sense of trust and open the doors of trouble-free service.

Citydent Dental Clinic, which is among the leading centers of the sector with its 16-year service history among dental clinics in Istanbul, hosts hundreds of domestic and foreign patients every year with its health tourism certified center and gains satisfactory references.

Our fully-equipped and well-equipped clinic, based in Istanbul, in Taksim, carries out a patient-friendly guaranteed service policy and certifies its reliability in this way.

Dental treatments, implants, aesthetic teeth, veneers, prosthesis, orthodontic treatments, surgical tooth extractions and many more oral and dental health services; With our 16-year corporate history, 13 medical units and 16 dentists, each of whom is an expert in their own field, we offer modern dental treatment services to our patients with state-of-the-art devices and equipment.

Orthodontic treatments, periodontology (gum diseases), bruxism treatment, porcelain and composite fillings, teeth whitening, laminated and porcelain veneers, implants, impacted tooth extraction, panoramic and periapical x-ray are among our other services, 14 technicians in first-class quality laboratories Dental design, veneer and implant prostheses are revealed in accordance with the patient and without any problems.

We carry out our treatments in personalized equipment and rooms by displaying a meticulous attitude in patient health and hygiene as well as our expertise in dental treatment, and in order to improve our quality standards, we carry the latest technology systems and applications to our clinic as a close follower of innovations and developments in the sector.

Our clinic, which is proud of bringing in countless references with our professional service, quality dental treatments in a hygienic environment, affordable prices and 100% successful treatment results, opens the doors that will both witness the historical mystical atmosphere of Istanbul and introduce you to our quality dental treatment services.