Common Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers& How to Reduce Them

Drunk driving is one of the common causes of truck accidents. Intoxicated drivers are highly likely to lose focus on the road due to poor concentration and delayed action times. Even the slightest amounts of alcohol can impair your judgment, concentration, and response time, leading to accidents. Therefore, knowing the common types of accidents and how to reduce them will enhance safety and reduce accidents.

Common types of accidents caused by drunk drivers:

1. Head-on collision 

A drunk driver may feel sleepy or distracted while operating a vehicle. In either case, the motorist is likely to deviate into oncoming traffic. Alcoholism impairs vision, making the driver likely to the correct centerline. A head-on collision may occur when a car ignores diversion notices at a road construction site.

2. Wrong-way accidents 

Wrong-way accidents are examples of truck accidents that a DUI lawyer handles. A drunk driver may enter a one-way street going the wrong way by accident, leading to a wrong-way accident.

When a severely drunk driver attempts to enter an interstate highway via the off-ramp rather than the on-ramp, it results in a wrong-way accident that can be particularly devastating. This could occur because the driver cannot read and comprehend traffic signs or because they think their reckless actions won’t cause any harm.

3. Rear-end collisions

When under the influence of alcohol, your reaction time slows, and your ability to assess distances is compromised. Because of this, you might not be able to respond quickly enough when a car suddenly stops in front of you. You might also mistakenly think you can safely slow down and stop when you actually can’t, thus cause an accident.

4. Pedestrian accidents 

Drunk drivers typically have blurry eyesight at night; a driver with poor vision may not even notice a pedestrian. Furthermore, if you hear the “thump” of a collision before realizing a pedestrian is there, the pedestrian’s chances of survival are likely slim.

Why you need a DUI attorney after being injured by a drunk a driver

You can defend yourself and your ability to pursue financial compensation for your damages following your accident with the help of a DUI accident attorney.

  • Preventing a dismissal if your case is tried 

Your legal team will be ready to go to court if the insurance company cannot settle. The approach taken by your attorney will have a significant influence on whether the judge decides to hold the responsible party responsible for their acts. A DUI accident lawyer can represent you at every stage of the process.

  • Relieve from financial burden

Financial limitations prevent many victims of drunk driving from filing legal claims. Many law firms, however, operate on a contingency basis and don’t receive payment until your case is successful.

If you are wounded and unable to work, contingent fees may be especially beneficial. Additionally, some law offices provide free case consultations. You can pursue justice without paying any out-of-pocket expenses if you hire a DUI victim’s attorney.

Bottom line

Being drunk and causing an accident resulting in injuries is a felony, resulting in a serious crime called negligent homicide with a motor vehicle. These actions are criminal charges and civil infractions that may entitle you to a sizable settlement.