Common Myths People Believe About Divorce

If you consider taking divorce, the chances are that you picked up a topic with your trusted friends and family and gave you a bit of advice. Most people think that divorce is based on myths, but it is not. It is vital to debunk all the myths regarding the complexities of the process and results that will impact your life.

Having a sound understanding and knowledge about divorce is essential. Contact a Divorce Lawyer Ottawa, who will guide you through the problems and complexities of the divorce process.

Common myths people believe about divorce.

  • Adultery will cost you everything.

Everyone might think if the other spouse has an affair, they get to keep everything, including property, assets, children, vehicles, etc. Your marriage might end, but it does not mean it will not influence the divorce settlement. Adultery might affect your finances, but it will not divide the property or assets. 

  • Divorce should be performed at the place where you are married.

One myth that people still believe is they should dissolve their marriage in the state they originally belonged to. That is simply wrong. Everyone’s life is not constant. People move out to different places for jobs and other reasons. But also, for dissolving marriages, one must meet the residency requirements. One should live for at least three months to file a divorce in Ottawa.

  • Community property should be split evenly.

The Court believes that all the debts and assets accumulated during a marriage should not be split evenly, as it belongs to both spouses. The court speculates them as joint property. 

Most people think they will receive equal assets and property right after divorce, which is not the case. Lots of factors are involved during property division. The court’s main aim is to provide each spouse with the same quality of life they enjoyed during the marriage.

  • Mothers always receive custody.

Many fathers and husbands assume that they are at a disadvantage phase in divorce. Few biases still exist now, but the times are changing. The court always prioritizes the child’s best interest above other concerns. 

Every mother and father have the same rights for child custody. In an ideal situation–though every case will not be perfect–the parent who can provide the child with their needs will walk away with custody.

  • Your next marriage will be better.

Everything depends on you. People often believe that they will not make mistakes as they gain experience and will not do anything to dissolve their second marriage. But according to the survey, the following has been discovered.

  • 40% of first marriages dissolve.
  • 62% of second marriages dissolve.
  • 70% of third marriages dissolve.

Now, you have got the idea about second or third marriage. It does not matter how many times you marry; there is still a vast chance that you will make mistakes leading to divorce.