Common Problems With Air Conditioner’s Evaporator Coils

In hot summer climates, where air conditioning is a must-have appliance, the system’s evaporator coils are among the most important components. These coils extract heat from the air in a home. Then, it transfers that heat into a refrigerant for further cooling. 

When these coils get clogged with dirt and debris, they can cause problems for any A/C system. An A/C repair in Del City, OK will be necessary to restore the system’s function. 

Here we will go over some of these issues and how to prevent them from happening:

Dirty Component 

Why do evaporator coils need to be cleaned? For the system to operate at its best, it needs unobstructed airflow throughout the entire system. Major problems can occur very quickly if there is a buildup on any component, which restricts this airflow. It will be especially important to prevent debris from clogging your evaporator coils during the hot summer to prevent refrigerant leaks. If you do not have a maintenance plan for your A/C system, now is the time to look into one.

Clogged Coils

Clogged coils can lower efficiency. While most people are aware that dirty evaporator coils can cause their system to run less efficiently, they may not know how much of a difference it actually makes. Ultimately there are two ways in which an air conditioner’s performance is going to be decreased by a dirty evaporator coil:

  • The A/C works harder and longer as it tries to cool down your home.
  • The A/C cools poorly, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures.

As you might expect, both of these problems will dramatically affect how much you pay for your energy bills. In some cases, this problem can cause your unit to fail completely and lead to costly repairs. Schedule an A/C repair in Del City, OK to solve this problem. 

Freezing Coil 

If the evaporator coil in your A/C system gets too cold, it can actually freeze over. While that may seem like an under-exaggerated scenario, it happens all the time. It takes place when debris, such as leaves or branches, block airflow and cause heat to build up in certain coil areas. 

When the elements in an air conditioner freeze up, they become brittle and typically shatter upon their first usage following a defrost. This will lead to poor cooling. You might even be required to get a complete replacement when the damage gets worse. 

Ice Buildup

Coils clogged with ice could lower efficiency and cause problems if the heat can’t escape quickly.  If your A/C unit’s evaporator coil becomes too clogged with ice, you may find yourself dealing with a huge problem. Ice build-up does happen from time to time and should be prevented if possible. Once the ice build-up is eliminated, your home can receive proper airflow, and your energy bills might become manageable with less strain. 

How Do I Prevent Debris from Clogging My Evaporator Coils? 

To avoid a refrigerant leak, poor cooling, and high bills, you should clean your evaporator coils at least two times per year or as recommended by your local HVAC professional.

If you have pets in the home, be sure not to let them go outside when it is excessively cold because they could cause further damage to the system simply by urinating on any part of it. As far as cleaning goes, make sure you know how to use a coil cleaner properly before proceeding with any projects. Cleaning your AC’s evaporator coils may not be fun, but it is certainly a lot less expensive than repairing or even replacing any parts.

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