Consequences of the PPS process

It is important to have an action plan following the PPS. This can be divided according to contractual requirements, where the medical team may be required to report to the coach or club director as to whether there are any limitations or consequences that can impact upon the contractual negotiations. In simple terms, these can be divided into the following categories.

From a medical point of view, there are certain decisions to be made following the assessment, and these can be defined as follows.

Investigation or referral

If the medical team identifies any issue that needs further investigation, such as imaging or referral to a specialist, then this needs to be enacted to allow the severity of the condition/injury to be fully assessed.

Pre-habilitation needs

During the assessment, it is possible that certain biomechanical, strength or structural abnormalities that will put the player at injury risk may be identified. These need to be corrected or minimized through a pre-habilitation programmer.

Rehabilitation needs

If the athlete is returning from injury it is important that rehabilitation needs are addressed and that a proper reintegration back into sport is monitored.

Review time

Finally, it needs to be decided when this process is going to be reviewed and reassessed. Some issues such as cardiac screening can be reviewed annually, whilst others, such as reviewing the impact of vitamin D replacement therapy or assessing shoulder strength and stability following a surgical reconstruction, require more frequent reviews.

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