Documents Your Attorney will Need After You are Arrested

Getting arrested is a nightmare and can change the way one looks at life. You might not be in the right frame of mind if you are arrested for any reason. The first step that you will have to take is to contact an attorney who can prepare the appropriate defense strategy for you and help you come out of the challenging situation. When you call a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN for legal assistance, he would need certain details from you. Few documents that your lawyer will need after your arrest are mentioned below:

Your arrest warrant or record

The documents of the arrest will be recorded after your arrest. The police fill out a report of the arrest and your attorney will need to look at this report so that he can take down vital details including the date, time and place of the arrest. Besides this, the report also tells about the alleged victim, suspected crime and any additional piece of information that has contributed to the arrest.

Any past criminal record

It is important for any attorney to know his client. No matter, he has been known to you for several years. He needs to know whether you have committed any crime or have falsely been framed in any crime. He can obtain a copy of the criminal records where you have lived or been living so far. He needs the information including criminal charges, jail terms or verdict of the last case if any. Depending on the past criminal record, he should be able to prepare the defense. Go to It is where criminal records, inmate details, and recent arrests are available— if there’s any.

The police file showing details of the crime

If you have committed the crime, the police might have prepared the file having photographs, videos, evidence, witness details, reports related to the involvement of the accused and several others.   The attorney will need to go through this file to prepare a strong defense. He can come up with a number of queries to ensure that the facts are revealed in the best possible manner.

The record of traffic violations

An attorney also needs to know whether you have any traffic tickets issued to you. He will obtain the records of whether you have been arrested for a drunken driving case in the past. This information can help him in the present or the past case that has been registered for you in the police station.

You should inform your attorney about any fact that has not been revealed in the above-mentioned documents.